Saturday , January 23 2021

How many opportunities does the owner have?

Tonight, the second episode of the British Civil War will be held at the Etihad Stadium. Here are the statistics of Manchester City against Tottenham to be spotted before the game.

Figures to be noticed

31 – Of the 31 couples that hosts won 1: 0 in the first game, there were only 10 instances for visitors to go upstream. In other words, Manchester City has only 31% chance to go at night.

1 – However, Man City can hope. Since last time Tottenham won the home game with a score of 1-0, they were defeated by 2-0 from Kaiserslautern (the ratio of 2 matches is 2-1).

Statistics Manchester City vs Tottenham hosts have many photo opportunities

Statistics Manchester City vs Tottenham ahead of the match

0 – In the last 5 meetings of the European team in knockout stages, Manchester City lost to all 5, last lost to Liverpool last season.

2 – In 25 domestic matches this season, Manchester City won 23 times. However, their only two failures occurred in the Champions League.

3 – Tottenham are experiencing a series of 3 consecutive wins in the European Cup. The cock never won four consecutive matches.

Nguyet Anh – TTNN

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