Sunday , April 11 2021

Hot line tracks information from more than 300 fetal bodies buried at the garbage treatment plant Health – Health

Ca Mau continues to direct it

Accordingly, the chairman of the Provincial People's Committee of Ka Mau has appointed the Director of the Department of Health to assume the basic responsibility and coordinate with departments and branches, the People's Committee of the District and the Kau Mau to check and review all hospitals and healthcare institutions (Even private health) in the province in the management and treatment of medical waste is in accordance with the regulations?

When detecting violations in the management and treatment of medical waste, medicinal products are resolutely handled according to the regulations. At the same time, to point out to hospitals and medical facilities for the classification and treatment of waste and waste in accordance with the process, not to allow the fetus to be mixed in the waste and to be placed in the waste treatment plant of the TWP. Ca Mau.

The chairman of the Ka Mau Provincial People's Committee of Peoples also asked Li Li Tourism Trade Construction, Ltd. (an investor at the wastewater treatment plant in Ka Mau) to reveal the fetus next to the local authorities for treatment. according to the regulations. At the same time, check and examine the means of transporting the fetal garbage, at the same time reporting local regulations for investigation and handling.

As reported earlier, Li Lee Tourism Trade Construction Co., Ltd. said, it faces the situation of the fetus being abandoned by the amount of everyday waste assembled in the factory. Since its founding, it has been 7 years old and has discovered more than 300 fetal bodies.

Regarding this information, Mr. Nguyen Duq Tah, head of the provincial People's Committee of Ka Mau, said this was the company's statistics. Therefore, once the authorities check and report the results, the province will have direction to direct the next treatment.

Ca Mau continues to direct it Children and Maternity Hospital "Ka Ma" reports cases of stillbirths and abandoned babies at the hospital

For the hospital for children's hospitals and children in Kava Moa, for cases of stillbirths and abandoned babies in hospitals, the hospital has prepared medical records for hospital diagnosis and termination of pregnancy when it is sufficient. conditions. After the birth, the hospital invites a woman's representative to report on the condition of the baby and the mother.

In case a woman agrees to accept the baby, the hospital will hand over the baby to the family for self-heating according to wishes, and the woman has signed a receipt for the baby's admission from the hospital.

In case the pregnant woman does not have the right to single-handedly and ask the hospital for funeral support, then the hospital will deliver the baby in the morgue of the hospital and will contact some of the units to perform a funeral. according to the process. Coordination with the above units has transcripts recorded in the unit.

For the treatment of cases of neonatal death in hospitals, when the child dies and is abandoned in the wards, the crew informs the hospital leader about mobilizing function rooms. down recorded. After that, the hospital contacted Ward 6 (Ca Mau City) police for reporting the incident.


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