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Honda's super star mysteriously "scares" the owner

Thursday, November 22 18 00:05 (GMT + 7)

The Cambodian coach made the public "confused" with the mysterious speech before the match in Vietnam in the AFF Cup final.

Video Cambodia defeated Laos (copyright clips belong to NextMedia, broadcast on VTC)

After two consecutive failures in Group A AFP Cup, Keisuke Honda enjoyed the first as a coach when the Cambodian team buried Laos 3-1. To be more precise, this was also the first victory in the Southeast Asia League of Angkor Warriors for 16 years (December 21, 2002, defeating the Philippines 1-0 in the AFF Cup 2002).

Vietnam vs Cambodia: Superstar Honda Announces Mystery & # 34; Host - 1

As head coach, Honda helped Cambodia to win first AFF Cup in 16 years

While the HMM, the Cambodian players celebrated the historic turnaround, Honda quickly pulled out all the "down to earth": "Although I am very proud, I do not want to express too much emotion over this result. I want players to improve, play well in a few matches does not mean that we won.

On November 24, Cambodia will meet Vietnam Tel at Hang Do Stadium. Honda can only drive remotely by returning to Australia for the Melbourne Victory Club (Australia). This will be a drawback for the visitors, because in history, they lost all 6 encounters champion 2008.

However, the 32-year-old superstar made the media confused by the assumption: "Cambodia has a very difficult last game for Vietnam – the team that owns the tactics is perfect. I spent a lot of time working with the players and see how the Cambodian will play this weekend."

During his career, Honda hired a number of major clubs in the world, including CSKA (Russia), Milan (Italy) to become the only Japanese player to reach three consecutive World Cups (4 goals). Thus, the 32-year-old legend for embracing work in Cambodia, underdeveloped football under the Southeast Valley, surprised the public.

Vietnam vs Cambodia: Superstar Honda Announces Mystery & # 34; Host - 2

"Let's see how Cambodia is playing in front of Vietnam," Honda said

Speaking about the decision, Honda said it soon saw the potential of Cambodian football: "AFF Cup 2018 is just the beginning, Cambodia needs time to develop. There is no culture of football. In Europe, players are experienced in different environments, from tactical to professional.

According to my experience, I want to change everything from level, thinking and spreading passion towards them. That's what I look forward to when signing an agreement with the Cambodian Football Federation. I am very interested in dealing with new experiences in Southeast Asia, "he said Honda on the AFF Cup home page.

Myanmar – Vietnam Match (Next Media Copyright Broadcast, broadcast on VTC)

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Honda's coach is unlikely to directly direct Cambodia to face Vietnam.

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