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Hoa Bin test scandal test scores: There are competitors who are up to 26.45 points | Education

According to Mr. May Van Trich, Director of the Quality Management Department, Ministry of Education and Training, the results of the evaluation of the Ministry of Education and Training determine 140 tests with more than 56 candidates (with an attached list) to be intervened and upgraded . indicates at least from 0.2 to the highest 9.25 points / one exam subject.

The Ministry of Education and Training conducted an assessment of the results of the test results of candidates who passed state high school exams in 2017 and 2018 in the province of Hoa Bin, at the request of the Ministry of Public Security.

The results of the evaluation will be the official result of the period. It is used to replace previous results and is used to consider secondary education, which is used to be considered for admission to universities and colleges. Therefore, the Ministry of Education and Training sent a written request to the Hoa Bin Department of Education and Training to immediately update the results of the evaluation of the system for management software exams.

Conduct an examination of graduation for these candidates. Note this result at the academy, universities and colleges that have relevant candidates studying and handling under current regulations.

Thus, according to current regulations, the competitor's updated results are lower than the standard of the participants. Of course, the candidates will be disqualified and one last term of the competitor at the local school. no value. Even if you do not have enough degrees in graduation, you will not graduate.

Mr May Van Trich also said the ministry has also received the results of the assessment in Son La. In the near future, police will publish specific information.

On the evening of March 11, an exchange with Tien Fong, director of the Hoa Bin Education and Training Department, Bui Thong Duck said the Department had not received the official sending of the MES. When it is received, the Department will deal with the instructions of MOET.

Nghiem Hue

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