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HCMC recovered more than 10,000 m2 of "golden country" for building schools

According to the Standing Committee of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh, there is a lack of land for education in the District 10 compared with approved regulations and planning, especially the land fund for lower secondary schools is still low and can not respond to demand. demand for students in the field in the future.

HCMC recovered more than 10,000 m2

Collect and fire passengers in 419 Le Hong Pong (District 10)

Meanwhile, the land at 419 Le Hong Pong (Horde 2, District 10) leased into a Saigon shoes company until the end of 2020.

"The Standing Committee of the City People's Committee unites the policy after the land is over the lease agreement, it will take away and hand over to the District 10 National Committee to invest in the construction of secondary schools to meet the prescribed standards (with sources of funding). budget) "- Concludes the Standing Committee of the City National Committee.

The Standing Committee of the City National Committee appoints the People's Committee of the District 10 to work with the tenant of land use indicated above to inform the unit of the city's policy; at the same time coordinating with the Department of Planning and Architecture, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the Department of Education and Training of the city and the relevant units for local adjustment of the project for planning a division of scale from 1/2000 to the surface. above, submit to evaluation and approval according to the regulations.

Earlier, according to the report of the People's Committee of the County 10, the Saigon Footwear company had previously been a state-owned company, and then it was equivalent since 2015 and has not yet had state capital.

This company inherited the country from a state-owned enterprise before its equity exceeds 10,000 m2 at 419 Le Hong Fong under a land lease agreement with the state until 2020. The purpose of land use for office purposes, warehouses, shoe manufacturing factories, bags, land lease is paid annually.

However, the top surface is not used for the right purpose. The company Saigon Shoe leased part of the Pharmaceutical Trading Corporation – Sam Ngos Lin Lin Quang Nam to build a warehouse and then hired Tan Bui Company to hire nearly 2,000 m2 to serve as a place for passenger and passenger transportation. , drains. The shoes company uses only part of the office space, it does not contain machines and equipment.

HCMC recovered more than 10,000 m2
Delivery and delivery activities at the Saigon Shoes and Footwear Center have been leased to 419 Le Hong Phong

Authorities recalled the breach of Saigon shoes company. After that, Saigon Shoe terminated the lease and signed a business cooperation agreement with Thanh Buoi.

However, according to the People's Committee of the District 10, the business cooperation agreement between Saigon Shoe and Thanh Buoi is an essential contract for renting homes and workshops for a monthly rent.

In addition, during the process of land use, Saigon shoes company has repeatedly hurt how it works as a renovation and repair work without a permit and the lease of funds associated with illegal land. In particular, the main renovation and repair to serve the illegal business activities of the company Thanh Buoi. The purpose of land use as a production site and Saigon Shoe's office, after being equitated, turned into Thanh Buoi's backyard.


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