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Hanoi is a deadly truck

On November 9, around 9:30 am, a traffic crash between firearms and a motorcycle caused a man to perish the motorcycle to die on the spot on the In The In Chi in Hanoi.

The car can be damaged accidentally 1
Place of the incident.

According to the witness, at the time of the vehicle fire must turn right at the CT14A2 building on the Vo Chi Cong road due to lack of surveillance inserted into the motorcycle in the same direction.

As a consequence, the men driving the car CCTV: 29L6 – 7671 were crossed by cars, crushed helmets, dragged to the summit and killed on the spot.

Car of the people in figure 2
The engine collided with a fire engine at the scene.

At the scene the motorcycle of the victim was partially on the sidewalk, seriously damaged. The victim is not far off. There are many remains around the scene and some of the victims.


Immediately after the incident, police forces were present at the scene, handling the case.

The victim's identity was identified as Nguyen Hoi Wu, SN 1964 in Van Cao, Hanoi.

The reason is being investigated by the authorities.

Nguyen Ngan / VOV.VN

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