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Former SAO шампи Barça World Cup winner charged with sexual harassment

Wednesday, 25 November 2020 19:24 (GMT + 7)

Famous striker David Vi Villa, a star who achieved a lot of fame with Barcelona and Spain Tel, was involved in a scandal when a former female trainee with a beautiful beauty condemned sexual abuse with her many times.

The video synthesis of the former Barça and Spain player, David Vi Villa, has been repeatedly accused of sexual harassment by the beauty Skyler Barillo:

One of the strikers in the golden generation of Spanish football was David Vi Villa. The handsome striker born in 1981 with “La Roja” won two noble championship titles in a row at Euro 2008 and WC 2010.

In the club color of the jersey, David Vi Villa once garnered a very noble fame when he wore Barcelona. At the Nou Camp team, the Langreo-born (Asturias) star scored 48 goals in 119 games and helped the Giants of Catalonia win eight major titles, five of them five. 2011

Former world champion in SAO Barca was accused of sexually abusing beautiful women - 1

Lionel Messi and David Vi Villa used to be “same cards” to help Barça gain a lot of fame

After leaving Barça in the summer of 2013, Villa also won the La Liga title with Atletico Madrid before going abroad to play for New York City (USA), Melbourne City (Australia) and Wiesel Kobe (Japan). retired on November 13 last year.

Recently, David Vi Villaa suddenly got involved in a shocking scandal. Skyler Badio, a 20-year-old trainee who started working at New York City, the former Villa team and Manchester City “backyard” in 2018, also condemned the 38-year-old Spanish football legend. times confused me.

Former world champion in SAO Barça was accused of sexually abusing beautiful women - 2

Former New York club intern Skyler Barillo has accused Villa of harassing her many times.

She said she had been recognized by Villa several times and even touched his body illegally. Badillo revealed that Villa, who played for New York City between 2014 and 2018, invited her to drink alcohol even though she was not old enough.

“He asked me what kind of wine I wanted to drink even though I was 20 years old. I really did not want to drink. Still, Villa asked me: ‘Well, what kind of wine should I buy?’ “To force me to go to the apartment. His household is at a party.

I looked at my assistant Melvin Pamplona saying, “I don’t think this is a decent conversation,” and I hope it can help. In return, Melvin’s response was: “That one cockroach is just a question,” Badillo told the Athletic newspaper in a lengthy interview published Nov. 23.

A Villa spokesman immediately denied the allegations, saying Athletic Badillo’s words were “completely untrue”.

“The allegations made during the investigation are that a small number of players and staff did not act according to the club’s standards when interacting with trainees and other staff. The club implements a series of activities. “Organizational change to ensure that behavior does not happen in the future,” the New York site told ESPN earlier this month.

Former world champion in SAO Barça was accused of sexually abusing beautiful women - 3

Badillo and Villa used to have close contact in New York

In July, Badillo first launched allegations of harassment by David Vi Villa on his personal Twitter account. According to Badilo, even some direct leaders even assessed that it was not serious and considered this to be just a cultural misunderstanding.

Share on his personal page, the former trainee Badillo accused Villa of repeatedly sexually abusing her: “Every day he deliberately touches and harasses me by David Villa. When I reported the incident, he ignored the above and assumed it was just a harmless joke.

They do not know how horrible I went. If anyone mentioned my name to David Vi Villa, they probably would not know because he never called my name. But rarely in the day does he harass me.

Former SAO Barça champions who won the World Cup have been charged with sexually abusing a female beauty - 4

The message “unmasked” Villa, masking the decadent game, was given by Skyler Barillo on Twitter in July.

At the moment, US officials have not yet said whether they will reconsider Skyler Badillo’s allegations with David Villa. The former Barça player, who has won both the Euro and the World Cup, still owns Queensboro F, a USL Second Division football club based in Queens, New York.

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