Friday , April 16 2021

Forget Neymar or Mbape, M.U. he needs Van Dijk

Forget Neymar or Mbape, M.U. he needs Van Dijk
In the last 9 matches in all competitions, Manchester United lost 7 matches, and the last one is a loss of 0-2 in a derby in Manchester. Failure is a small affair, but looking at the defense of M. U. the defender, the whole world must "laugh with tears" because of ignorance and confusion only in the board's board of directors.

And, unfortunately, these mistakes were chided by former coach Jose Mourinho, who for a long time pointed out, but did not react: they must buy 1-2 class defenders. This is also the reason for the conflict between Mourinho and the BLD team, causing the scene to take place.

MU can hardly compete with De Ligt with Barcelona

M.U. is difficult to compete with De Ligt with Barcelona

Now, the new coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is promised to be funded because summer only builds the forces. And it seems the Solskayer position should first be built is the question Mourinho puts it. He had to buy quality defenders like Van Dyck.

Former Man United is former captain Roy Keane, also confirmed that Solskjaer should buy the perfect defenders immediately before thinking about the stars of the attack. "We've never seen the dolls that stood before Man United today." "After I bought a good midfielder right away in Sloes," Keane said.

The central part as Van Dijk was valued at £ 75m in January 2018, but it was an "expensive" part of the investment. He brought Cop Hard Background with impressive figures: 19 clean sheets for the Premier League or just received 20 goals in a single season.
Scum falls into Real, but if the MU wants to have it, it will have to be very expensive

Varanan falls into Real Madrid, but if MU loves it, it will have to be very expensive

Now, does Manchester United want such a central defender? Yes, but it is not easy to get that midfielder right now. The most real goals for Manchester United are: Matthias De Ligte (Ajax), Rafael Varane (Real Madrid), Daniele Rugani (Juventus) or Jonathan Tah (Leverkusen) …

However, the appeal of Manchester United is now difficult to flirt with De Ligt from the Barcelona goal or to persuade Varana to leave Bernabeu at Old Trafford. Or they will become fat prey for the prices. Anyway, poison with Man United.

But in order to do this again, it is impossible to build a house from the foundation. In order to constantly grow, the team must have a decent goalkeeper and four decent defenders, then think about the foundation, the trophies, the top. The mistake of United's past, when only buying stars in the middle row and attacking goods, came to an end today.

The championship in dreams will be far from Manchester United, even if they have a quality backstroke. The next season, if Manchester United ever comes to the top of the BHH, it will surely be a shock. However, if it is not prepared by the stones of the foundation, the future of United will be in the dark forever.

Forget Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba … United's hope must now be Van Dyke!

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