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Forcing the Forest Land of Soch Dream: Why is Lin's peace, Tang Chuong, calm? | Society

As Tian Phong reported, from April 23, Minh Phu municipal authorities (Sokol Song District) mobilized excavators and manpower to dismantle 20 acts breaking off works. People are required to transport furniture from the outside, the space for implementation is frozen … It is known that in two days 23-24 / 4 three broken works were abolished with a total area of ​​over 100 m2. .

According to the plan of the District People's Committee Socz, 20 acts will be violently demolished in Lam Truong and in Munich communes. Of which 7 works will be forced from now until April 30, the remaining 13 acts will be forced on May 5, 2013, which are expected to be completed before May 13.

Immediately, many of these people spoke of a series of similar buildings built on the same land, "peacefully". In which, also, there is a very interesting work of the singer My Lin (stands in the name of his husband, musician, Anhu Kuan) and with Vieet Chuong Tang Chuong.

In particular, the collective complaint of 18 households in the village of Lah Trun (Minh Phu commune) after completing the inspection report no. 1085 / KL-TTLN-P3 issued March 14, 2019, stated that this inspection conclusion is not complete. Enough, do not think about historical factors.

Ms Nguyen Thi T (the village of Lam Trung) stood together to lodge a collective complaint, said that her family house with some other households in the village of Lam Trong is a country to implement an economic model for building JIFPRO orchard households, have a full legal basis.

At the same time, the complaint confirmed: Violation of the Social Affairs Committee of Sokol Son is indicated in the inspection conclusions that are slow to announce forest planning, an unfinished forest landmark, not yet handed over to the management units, some points have lost their landmarks , are not eligible for yield, so there is no basis to determine if the area of ​​†<†<land within or beyond the forest planning boundary … is the fault of the agency, so that people can not suffer.

Some people are also extremely frustrated, because together at the border of the villages there are hundreds of acts of breaking, with similar descent from the land, but only 18 acts are needed.

squirrel, kanoi, coercion, minh-fu, Fu, Fu Lin, Viet Fu, head, - Figure 1The cranes were mobilized to carry out villas in Sokol.

Handling my Linh and Phu Thanh Chuong houses according to the conclusion of the Government Inspector

In this regard, Hanoi's chief inspector, Nguyen An Hui, said that in 2 cases of public opinion breach, especially the singer My Lin and Fu Tang Chuong, chief inspector of the city: "In the case of Mr. Truong Anh Quan (wife of Ms Dal Moi Lin) in the village of Lam Truong, Min-Fu county, the Sok Sons County, the results show that the land for use by Mr. Truong Anh Kwan due to the transfer of the household of Mr. Nguyen Xuan Lam " . Mr. Lam received a land use certificate (LURC) by the District National Committee Soc Son in 1997, with an area of ​​600 m2 living area.

According to the plan for harmonization of the forest Sokol Sin, approved by the City People's Committee with Decision no. 2100 / QD-UBND from May 29, 2008, the area of ​​600m2 is in the planning of the forest for environmental protection. In 2009, the Truong Anh Quan household built a project with an area of ​​more than 500m2, most of Kwan's house construction site was in forest planning, but the Minh Fu FuNp Committee, Sok Shuma, did not check the company and did not set up the lake. Injury handling record.

In 2014, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment revised the LURC with the name Mr. Do Xuan Lam (from 600 m2 living area up to 400 m2 living area and 200 m2 perennial garden land), and the area of ​​600 m2 was transferred to -Kwan and Mr. The Army built the project. In the year 2015, the District National Committee Soc Son implemented procedures for renaming and exchanging LURCs for Mr Quan's household, however, comparing the form of the land plot assigned to the first LURC for Mr Lam (reflecting the length of the plot of land that is in the immediate vicinity of the road)) and LURC awarded to Mr. Truong Anh Quan (expressing a large plot of land adjacent to the road), the shape of the plot of land that changed according to the location of the construction work of Mr Quan's household is in with lasnost regulations.

The Hanoi inspector inspector confirmed: "The dream of agriculture and forestry for investment and development A one-person limited liability company for Trong-anh Kwan is not a direct producer that takes care, takes care and manages the protection of orchards belonging to the forestry enterprise is in accordance with Article 136 of the Land Law. City Inspector propose to deal with the case of Mr. Truong Anh Quan – Ms Dali Linh in accordance with the law. "

In the case of Phu Thanh Chuong, in Conclusion no. 754 / TTCP from April 17, 2006 to the government inspectorate, the conclusion of the forest land in the area of ​​Sok Sons clearly showed that the land of Fu Tan Chuong originated from the planned forest land. In the past, the cooperative appointed Mr. Luo Van Cee to manage a diary. In 2001, Mr. Luu Van Sy transferred to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Chuong in the form of a joint venture, certified by the People's Committee of Hien Nin Komunat, an area of ​​approximately 8,342 m2. After receiving the transfer, Mr. Nguyen Tan Chuong built without the solid structural structures of the country. From the conclusion of the government inspectorate in 2006 until now, Chuong's land area does not generate new construction.

According to the planned map for forest planning in 2008, the range of 1/5000 Hien Ninh municipality, the entire area of ​​8,342 m2 is included in the plan for protection of forests for protection of the environment.

The status of the area of ​​Fu Thanh Chuong was built by Mr. Nguyen Tan Chuon with 30 buildings for construction including: houses, exhibits of antiques, cafes, towers, stone wells, lakes, toilets with a total area of ​​1.800 m2; at the time of construction in 2001. So far, land violations and the construction of Fu Thanh Chuong, Soc Son District People's Committee have not been processed. The City Inspectorate proposes to continue processing according to the conclusions of the Government Inspectorate.

"Damaged" Sokona Forest, villagers have less to lose "

The Sok Sona area will issue a plan for the implementation of 68 forest land management activities in 9 municipalities. In the meantime, many people are worried that they can deal with nearly 1,000 projects in which many "horrible" works violate the order of construction, reach the forest land, or merely scrutinize it and leave it?

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