Friday , April 16 2021

Football judgments Hanoi FC against Ho Chi Minh, 19 am on April 27: The summit confrontation

Football judgments Hanoi FC against Ho Chi Minh, 19 am on April 27: The summit confrontation

The final turn

Hanoi FC is highly valued by experts on its ability to win and the issue of which team is capable of tearing it down is always a difficult problem to resolve. Quang Nam, Sanna.KH held Hanoi FC, but said it was a match that Hanoi played on foot. Saying to see that the army of coach Chu Din Nghiem is still a strong team that is hard to beat, despite at the present time Thanh Chung midfielder, McDonald and midfielder Van Quyet are in the process of nurturing .

I also remember a few days ago, playing under warm sunny conditions near 40 degrees Celsius, Hanoi FC still won Yangton Utd 5-2. And yet, 4 days later, Hanoi FC played all the matches and won the very tough team in Hai Phong 3-1. These statistics show that, although the density of the competition is dense, under adverse weather conditions, the courage and class of Hanoi FC are always shown. Meanwhile, Ho Chi Minh City is not inferior when they did not get lost in V.League 2019 at this time. Even this team is the club with the most victories in the highest tournament in Vietnam with 5 wins. So, the duo between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City deserves to be considered the final round of this season.

The owner returned the first place

Ho Chi Minh City has the best performance in V.League 2019 and, of course, is expected to be the first team this season to win against Hanoi. However, to do this is not easy for visitors. Of course, the coach Chung Ha Sung will continue to apply defensive strokes to Ho Chi Minh City, but I remember that this afternoon will not have a middle player of interceptors Hoang Thin, along with very crazy attackers Matthias of two players. just got hurt in the previous round. Therefore, playing with an insecure squad will have a major impact on the effectiveness of the defensive defensive rock of Ho Chi Minh City.

It's not to mention, Hanoi FC has many plans to "break specific", especially when in their lineup, there are 3 factors that always make a sudden change in the handling stages of the ball: Quang Hai, Thanh Luong and Omar. . Therefore, it is not surprising that the target of goalkeeper Tan Thang will be subject to enormous pressure against the home team's attack.

In a recent speech, coach Chu Din Ngim identified the SLAN as a serious adversary who could hinder Hanoi's progress, not Ho Chi Minh City. And, in fact, when I went to this place, Ho Chi Minh City did not have the strongest crew, and the attacking pieces could not match Hanoi, so it was not much of a possibility for visitors to create a surprise.

To be inferior Ho Chi Minh City 2 points in BHH, Hanoi has a great chance to regain the first place from the opponent. And with a strong line-up and domestic advantage, only black luck can endanger Hanoi's victory.


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