Friday , April 16 2021

Female Reporter Trainer Sexually Sports

+ A noise in a female journalist accused of being sexually assaulted

Reporter Kelly Tennant blamed gambler coach Sacramento King who played at the NBA tournament – Luke Voltone attacked him sexually. The incident caused the world's basketball village to shake the defendant who described the incident … Five years ago, when coach Luke Walton also led the Lakers in Los Angeles.

Female journalist coach sexually assaulted - photo 1
The incident occurred in 2014, but now it is suddenly noisy from the accusations of female journalists. Photo: NBA

The reporter accused Coach Walton of wanting to meet her at a hotel in Santa Monica to discuss the book that the journalist wrote. She cited a very detailed press conference about every move that attacked Walton.

Not wanting his team coach to be known for his influence on the team's brand, Sacramento King's team leader and the NBA executive board announced they would co-operate with the police and soon clean the black and white for Walton's coach to suffer . a severe punishment for a sexual assault or a female journalist Kelly Tennant is guilty of defamation.

+ Pogba condemned coach Coach Solskyer incompetent, MU was preparing to bid farewell to big stars

After coach Solskjaer officially signed the contract to be the coach of the MU, he continued to face the shortcomings in him most realistic failures and poor performance of Pagba and goalkeeper De Gea. Recently after the loss of 0-2 to Man. City gave the opportunity to attend the Champions League next season is closed, Pogba openly condemned coach Solskjaer is incapable and skeptical of the professional ability of this coach.

Female journalist trainer sexually assaulted - photo 2
Now both of them do not see each other and even criticize each other. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Criticism is also a "drop of water" that the leaders of the MU decided to hit Pogba together with the expensive but inefficient striker: Alexis Sanchez.

The MU's plan is to be ready to sell bad and dissonant stars to get funds to bring cleaner stars and help MU "reddish".

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