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Fan Bingbing celebrates its birthday during an investigation into tax evasion


Between Fan Bingbing trying to return to show business after noisy tax evasion, pp Sina unexpectedly published a series of photos in Fan Bingbing not so long ago. The time of the event was when the actress Pham was looking for an escape from taxes, she "went missing" in the media.

Thanks to these photos, it can be seen that Fan Bingbing is still cheerful, despite being tested for evasion. She received a very large packet of roses, posing charmingly next to her friends in a space filled with a sweet pink bubble.

Fan Bingbing happily raised a new birthday next to his friends, a seemingly noisy tax evasion that had little impact on her.

The period between 2018 is probably the most bingbing career of Bingbing when MC Yong Ren – the famous Chinese showbiz suddenly started a yin and yang contract, referring to the actress. Use this agreement to finance the fraud. All doubts aroused by Fan Bingbing.

Later, the viewers did not find Fan Bingbing in the media, all of its activities in social networks were stopped in July, the actress was closed to serve the investigation. A series of unfavorable information, such as imprisonment, detention or money laundering, made Fan Bingbing even more unhappy.

After a few months, Fan Bingbing was confirmed by the authorities to commit fraud or deception. She was fined nearly 900 million yuan (about 3100 billion) and has to pay a fine within three months. Shortly after, the actress quickly completed her punishment, but her image was severely affected.


When the actress Pham wrote an apology, the Chinese audience did not accept or refuse her forgiveness. Nevertheless, the wave of the boycott Fan Bingbing, demanding that it be thrown out of the world of show business in the social network in central China.

Many brands cooperating with Fan Bang have reduced the contract, replacing it with another representative. Pham's films also delayed the release or dumped her name from the project.

A few weeks ago information about the wedding of Fan Bingbing appeared, and Ly Than postponed it in early 2019. For loud tax evasion by the actress. After the wedding, Fan Bingbing will most likely withdraw from the show business to help younger brother Pham Thua Thua – an actress suspected of being a biological daughter.

Lac Phong / VTC News

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