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Ethnic controversy she sells bread at H & # 39; Nu Nu-Fashion

Thursday, November 22, 1818 09:50 (GMT + 7)

After a long time thinking, finally, the traditional costume that Xmas brings us to Miss Universe 2018 is also set.

Ethnic debate she sells bread on Ham - 1

Ethnic clothes by H & # 39; Hen Niet inspired Vietnamese food.

On the evening of November 22, H & # 39; Hen Nien performed three designs selected for national costumes that the nice people would wear in Miss Universe 2018. In it, bread inspired costumes – food Vietnamese idyll is the last option, compared with the other two projects : a set of scenes recreate the famous ancient city of Hoi and a remnant that resembles the heroic image.

Immediately, Ethnic clothes Banh Bat received lots of comments from the online community with different comments. Compared to the designs worn by Hahn, earlier, this outfit is far more sexist. If the original is a red jersey, accepting the "high wall", the design changes with the chest sponge. Beauty beautiful naked shoulder full of charm with her hands firmly, the result of training hard work.

Tran Dynasty, who is always "side by side" with H & M Nang Deli: "There is a change, because the old kit has received comments from people for improvement, but still retain the spirit and skeleton of the design. The change is only the most complete. And to think, to deserve international scrutiny, also need more investment, investment.

In fact, if it is sexy, there were more sensitive parts of the first, and the other is a horizontal cup. I achieved only right, not too much impulse. On the other hand, with many details about wearing tight clothes will give them a tight sense of appearance and bearer. "

Ethnic debate she sells bread H & H - 2

She was excited to break the bread on the stage.

Ethnic debate she sells bread H & H - 3

This will be the play that X-Men brought us to the stage of Miss Universe in 2018.

On the side of the fans a lot of comments broke out, regretting that the other two dresses are not selected, part of the national costume Bach Bach "poor". There are even comments from foreigners, with content: "I think a butterfly with big wings or a heart? Bread is mass-produced foods in Vietnam and a lot of people in the world know about it, it seems to be a big bet, because the first impression is the most important thing." The comment received great sympathy from the Internet community.

In addition, the dissonant shoes are the second problem that the Internet community wants to change to H & # 39; Hen Nie. Someone who also humor "design" use shoes in Xin Man ethnic clothing of Le Hang replacement will be more perfect. Or, unpredictable style is also a point where fans care about beautiful people.

In exchange for this comment, H & Nen also honestly expressed her views on the event: "In essence, H & M wants to change the image in different styles to find the one that suits her." It's not good, it's not perfect, but it's not good, not perfect. As human beings, maturity must be promoted little by little. "

5 people in 10, national costume is also set more than anyone else, H & N; Hen Nie want to get support from fans to achieve the highest results, get positive energy to fulfill the responsibility burden on shoulders.

Ethnic debate sells bread from Hien - 4

Compared to the original, costumes are minimalist in detail.

Ethnic debate sells bread on X and X - 5

Ethnic costumes received more praise.

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