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Duy Kien is injured, life is dangerous

Episode 39, 40 "Descendant of the Sun" Vietnam in the 11/11 broadcast brought a lot of emotions to the audience, from the happy moments of Minh Ngoc couples – Bao Huy, Duy Kien – Hoai Phuong.

Bao Huy – a pair of Minh Ngoc exchanged sweet kisses on the bridge when he took her home. However, happiness was not long, both controversial. Bao Huy decided to retire at the option of his father, Minh Ngoc, with a desire to match her.

hau because of tap tap 39,40: only one, touch 1
Minh Ngoc and Bao Huy.

Minh Ngoc's suggestion is that he makes sure that his daughter will stick to a soldier, he must always face the task of life and death, not knowing what to say for the family.

Shortly thereafter, Bao Huynh Thuong met the father of Minh Ngoc – Admiral Phan Minh. By promising her daughter not to force Bao Huy to transfer her career, the Admiral asked him if he would withdraw his application, change his mind. However, Huy still decided to leave the industry to prove his father's love.

hau due mat troi tap 39, 40: only left, risk 2 "style ="
Bao Huy met his father Minh Ngoc.

But the decision of both men strongly opposed Minh Ngoc. She expressed disappointment at Bao Huy when he heard her father. The man whom Minh Ngoc loves is a man dressed in his uniform, standing with his teammates and devoting himself to the ideal. Minh Ngoc even said goodbye, although she was actively pursued earlier, she was near Bao Huy.

On another occasion, Duka Kien was hospitalized in a critical condition. A stranger appeared when Bao Huy and Minh Ngoc talked about being a soldier of Daredevil who faced them in the first episode, Mark. However, Mark was not the one who caused Dua Kien's wound, but a group of people in black hooded sweats with Diem wanted to destroy him. Before saying words to Dua Kien, Mark was shot wounded and taken to the car.

hau because of the 39i 40 tap tap, the only thing left is the danger of the screen 3
Duy Kien rescues in the state of blood.


Because of their pursuit, Duka Kien seriously injured to see Dr. Hoai Phuong in a situation that they both do not want. The captain's blood made Huai Phuong panic. Nevertheless, she tried to save him. In an emergency, there was a moment when Dua Kien's heart stopped beating. The idea that it will be difficult to overcome, but fortunately Huai Phuong succeeded in helping him to die again.

hau due tap troi tap 39, 40: just lose weight,
Huai Phuong is very worried about Duy Kien.

In addition, the audience was delighted with the action scenes. In addition to Dua Kien, Mark was also hospitalized in a state of serious injury. I do not want anyone approaching, he threatened Nurse Mai. While all doctors and nurses panicked, Duy Kien appeared in time to find a solution. As soon as both sides were negotiating, a soldier named Mark suddenly fainted. Duy Kien quickly asked Huai Phuong for help.

In this episode, the new audience understands the soldier that Duy Kien, who touched the first episode, is currently being hunted because he has been misunderstood as a traitor.

After treatment, the soldier became a patient, Duy Kien forced to listen to the words of a beautiful woman doctor and girl Huai Phuong. Although they always show grimly, but Huai Phuong is really worried about his lover's situation.

Episode 40 closed by Duy Kien and Bao Huy and NH1 are trying very hard to find the truth. He is not afraid of the enemy, he is not afraid of death, but Lieutenant Duy Kien fears most of the girl. Although he was level, he was obedient to a beautiful man, in particular, he was scolded by his girlfriend for being in danger, seriously injured.

Episode 41, 42 will be broadcast on November 19, 1818 in Danet's online video services from FPT Play, Zing TV, Keeng Movies, 5Dmax (Viettel Media), Fim + FPT and 20h00 on the VTC3 Sports Culture and Entertainment channel along with VTC Now – VTC Digital Television.

Vu Toan / VOV.VN

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