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Don't let Huawei oppose Google, we can overcome them

Chief executive Nam Shin Shi warns the US government that if his company does not have full access to the Android operating system to launch smartphones in the future, they will disrupt Google and Apple's dominance of the global ecosystem. on smartphones – which, he says, is bad news for the United States.

Dumb told Sky News: "If the US government does not allow Google to provide Android (for Huawei), the world will have a third operating system – and it would not be in the United States' best interest when a small baby operating system out of the world"

We Jin Shi suddenly shouted out loud: Don't let Huawei oppose Google, we can overcome it - Photo 1.

Nam Shin Shi, founder of Huawei.

When Huawei was blacklisted in May, the company threatened to launch a new smartphone operating system. Called HongMeng in China and HarmonyOS in the international market, this multi-platform IoT operating system finally came out last week. But as the world wants to see a lightweight, fast-paced platform for smartphones, they are getting a low latent, smart platform for smart TVs, cars and watches.

Also at the launch of HarmonyOs, Richard Yu, head of Huawei's consumer devices division, said switching to a smartphone operating system would only take "from one to two days"But no one with technical knowledge really believes it.

The replacement would be a huge program that requires the creation of a completely new global software ecosystem – something that even giants like Apple and Google should take over. more than a decade.

Nam himself admitted in an interview more than a month ago that JongMeng – or Harmony – is not a "Plan B" to replace Android, and the company needs Google for its smartphones.

But if Huawei is actually blocked from accessing Google, even if there is only a small chance, they will have to create an alternative product themselves. Maybe that's why Nem has warned Google (and Apple and the US government) that: "You can't rule out the possibility of one day overcoming a third operating system."

Many previous companies like Microsoft and Samsung have tried to do this and have failed. But with the market of billions of people like China, where Huawei still gets traction, it still has the ability to provide its own operating system.

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