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Devious clothes, women win the female waters "Descendants of the Sun" Culture

The last two volumes from Lower the sun The Vietnamese version has just ended with 48 episodes with good results for a love story about couples Dui Kien – Hoaai Fuong, Bao Hui – Min Ngots and Doctor Hai – nurse Mai. To congratulate the event, the crew of the film met the audience on the night of November 19 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Appearing on the red carpet, the female DJ of An Giang attracts all eyes with a sexy costume. It is said that the organizers asked the female actors to wear a white dress, while men dressed in black DJ Oxy did not know about the dress code. This made oxygen more prominent on the red carpet.

Merry outfits, women's great female lead

Close the penetration point, sexy DJ OXy

Merry outfits, women's great female lead
Merry outfit, a woman's big female face

The director held a collective wedding for the couple in the film, but, unfortunately, this wedding was missed by Captain Dui Kien and Lieutenant Colonel Mic Ngok.

Merry outfits, women's great female lead

Long Cao Thai Ha, Huu you close friends sexy side

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In Lower the sun, DJ Oxy game Trang, a bar owner, has a warm appearance, the voice of the West of Truth. This is also the first role of 9X An Giang. Now she nurtures her acting skills for a professional acting game.

"I am not a professional actor, but I am a film actor Lower the sun is great lucky. I do not have much difficulty playing a sexy bar owner because sexy is the style I follow. Song Luan absence, I am very sorry. I and Lou Luo know each other longer after the concert tour. At the scene, before each scene, I was accompanied by Song Luo, he closely supported and acted in the most natural way, "the beautiful girl discovers.

From afar, "Captain Dewe Kien" apologized to Dr. Hoa'i Fowong because he was busy working in the US did not return in time.

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