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Death, Pretty cool, Fuck "HO" … irritates voters

Death, pretty

President of the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Front of Tatran Tang Tahan said there were more than 1,900 opinions and petitions of voters gathered, sent to the forthcoming National Assembly.

The chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Front Tran Tang Man, submitted to the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on 9/5, said that the current President coordinated with the Standing Committee from the 6th session of the National Assembly. The National Assembly made 1,915 comments and recommendations to voters and the entire nation in the National Assembly.

Overall, voters are excited by the country's comprehensive socio-economic results. Voters highly appreciate the leadership and direction of the Party and the state in building, party regulation, staffing, administrative reform, the fight against corruption and unnecessary behavior.

In addition, voters are still worried about some issues such as the autonomy of the economy does not meet the requirements, unsafe conditions are not improved, there are many acts of lack of ethical standards, a way of life in society; a number of serious cases of homicide causing confusion in society; complicated state of drug trafficking, transport; very serious traffic accidents, fires and explosions continue to emerge; the adjustment of electricity prices and gas prices has risen dramatically in a short time that has affected people's lives …

Some specific areas of voters reflect the organization of traditional festivals with great progress, contributing to the preservation and promotion of identity, meeting the cultural and spiritual needs of people. However, the list of service prices is not controlled; The abuse and commercialization of religious and religious activities, such as "offering stars for resolving the term," "petition," are causing pressure. President Tran Thanh Man recalled the Ba Wang Pagoda incident, Quang Ninh used people's beliefs to carry out the "bail-owner's swearing-in ceremony" for personal gain.

Managing social networking sites is not tight, there are more and more people who distribute clips, images of lifestyle propaganda, offensive behavior, violence on social networks, adversely affect morale. youth and order for social security. Some extraordinary cases are cited as a random case "Ban", the Fuch "HO" case … spreading many clips and images of "gypsy" nature on social networks for "polishing names" Yes "profit" negatively affects the morale of the younger generation and the order of social security.

The Vietnam Front's Front Leader suggested that the Ministry of Information and Communications coordinate with the Ministry of Public Security and the relevant ministries and affiliates to strengthen the management of network security, promote propaganda and people's orientation for the proper use of network information. legal provisions, in accordance with social ethics.

I agree how to deal with the fraud of the equity test

The area is always "hot" education, voters recognize the industry's efforts in the past. According to the assessment, the Ministry of Education and Training paid attention to correcting, improving the morale, style and methods of work of educational staff, reducing the pressure on teachers and students. However, some regulations of the education sector and local authorities are still inadequate, running after achievements still exist.

The cases of "school violence" continue to appear in many places. Police statistics indicate that in the first quarter of 2019, the country had 310 cases of violence in schools, mainly in lower and middle-aged ages. In the period 2010-2018, there were 7,735 students, due to the fighting, were disciplined, compared to 10 years, the number of school violence increased 13 times.

The Central Committee of the Vietnam Homeland Committee also mentions the lack of accountability of some of the managers and school leaders and the lack of drastic tackling of violations by authorities that are causing pressure among people. This agency has asked the Ministry of Education and Training to continue to have effective measures to combat illnesses and to overcome other weaknesses and breaches in industry, especially in educational institutions; sectors, levels, localities and the whole society have teamed up with the education sector to overcome constraints, contributing to the creation of a safe, healthy and friendly educational environment.

The specific question, voters and people continue to pay attention to and follow the cases of fraud cases in the provinces of Ha Ha'ang, Hoa Binh and Sin La; Welcome authorities are determined to investigate and cope with injuries.

Voters propose that the authorities strictly and publicly deal with offenses related to offenses, in particular those that are leaders and managers, related to accountability, for example, officials and members of the party; united how to deal with candidates cheating on test results, providing social justice. The Presidium of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Committee for Homeland Affairs requested the Ministry of Education and Training to continue to consider and thoroughly resolve the constraints of the testing organization from previous years, above all the "holes" in the examination regulations and given the recognition of graduation to secondary school, preventing timely fraud in examinations for the academic year 2019 to 2020.

Regarding building teams, the fight against corruption, voters reflect the state of "running, running right", "running" recruitment trials, transferring civil servants, civil servants … there are still, but very little detection and handling.

Proposes that the Government direct the Ministry of the Interior, functional agencies and localities to regularly review and promote publicity and transparency in recruitment, recruitment examinations and transfers examinations for civil servants and public officials; immediately amend irrational procedures and processes; clearly stipulates decentralization, decentralization in recruitment, appointment related to the responsibilities of the heads of agencies, units and localities; strictly deal with offenses.

Voters welcomed the tackling of the corruption case, faced with severe punishment by a number of leaders who committed injuries, causing serious consequences, including current or retired ones, to properly reflect the policy of "non-prohibited zones". However, the work of detecting, verifying, investigating, prosecuting and prosecuting in a number of cases is still slow; the recovery of corrupt funds is very limited; the situation of "harassment" and "corruption" on the part of civil servants and officials in public agencies have not been corrected.


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