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De Gea: When faith is no longer at Old Trafford

De Gea: When faith is no longer at Old Trafford
In the loss of United with 0-2 to Manchester City last week, along with defensively defended players, goalkeeper De Gea also suffered from a big fan scandal over unnecessary errors. In the case when Leroy Sane scored, the German star struck the ball inside the box to put the ball in De Gea's net. Obviously, with his class, the former goalkeeper of Atletico Madrid could do better.
Referring to the De Gea case, recall Sir Alex Ferguson again. In the match against Real Madrid in the Champions League in 2013, De Gea had a series of savings, but not … Orthodox. This means that the goalkeeper of Manchester United is very good at using his legs instead of his hands. Looking at his student, he did it on the ground, Sir Alex was frustrated despite his steady savings. "Could not he use his hand?" Complained the legendary Scottish coach.

The fact that De Gea prevented the opponent from ending with his legs was one of the skills he himself falsified. In fact, after the excellent performance against Tottenham at the start of the season (with many top-notch saves), netizens suggested that it was time for the goalkeeper to win the title … the golden shoe instead of the striker. But when De Gea got lost, that big deal became a knife on his neck.

However, De Gea will not change because he believes in his abilities. During the 8 years of dedication to MU, De Gea has always been one of the best and most stable players despite the weak team. Therefore, hearing Bayern De Gea's skills seemed too strict. Many assume that the main reason for De Gea's fall is because he is distracted by nearby stories, especially the good things in Man United.

De Gea faces a crisis of faith

De Gea faces a crisis of faith

For many years, De Gea's future at Old Trafford has never been calm, especially when Real Madrid always sees it. Currently, the 28-year-old goalkeeper faces two turns or continues to stick with MU. or to find a new station can give him noble titles.

However, if you look carefully, De Gea suffers from a crisis of confidence in Man United. In the last games, De Gea often hesitates to find a way to pass the ball. Perhaps the goalkeeper loses faith in his teammates.

You remember the World Cup 2018, De Gea also fell into a similar situation when you made a series of bugs. During the tournament, the goalkeeper of MU had only one save from 12 enemy shoots. De Gea brought that poor form back to the Reds, and things later improved somewhat later. It should be added that it was unfortunate for De Gea that his form to go down coincided with the right time. M. only scored 3 goals from the open situation in 9 games. Instead of receiving encouragement, De Gea has to join other teammates in getting "rain" from bricks.

Former goalkeeper Gary Bailey of MU said Solskayer needed De Gea to sit down and meet Chelsea to find his feelings. This is a sensible option in the context of De Gea lost in the middle of the Red Devils group. De Gea has been devoting himself to MU for many years. and needs a break to restore balance.

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