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"Cut" Alegre, have you invited Mourinho to be reasonable?

Saturday, April 27, 2019 13:01 (GMT + 7)

Juventus still won the Serie A championship with or without Cristiano Ronaldo. Although the Portuguese superstar shines in this and the Champions League, "Bianconeri" still fails in Europe. At the moment when Juve replaced the general to change the transport, it is likely this summer.

Video Juventus wins against Fiorentina to officially win the first three rounds in Serie A (Copyright for the FPT clip):

Juventus is still a "smart home, a wild market": It's time to "break" Alegre?

The golden age of Italian football has long gone, which is undeniable fact. The last time Italy was named king of a major tournament 13 years ago, it was the World Championship 2006 championship in Germany. For pasta clubs, over the past 9 years since José Mourinho's Champions League crowned the Champions League in the 2009/10 season, no team in the country has seen a European crown.

Juventus find new teachers for Ronaldo: "# 34; Allegri, invited Mourinho is reasonable? - 1

Ronaldo was very good, but Ajax made Juventus regret in the Champions League this year

Juventus twice approached the championship in the Champions League for the past 4-5 years, but in the end, the "Old Lady of Turin" just won second place with failures before Western officials. Nha in the final, it's Barcelona (1-3 years 2015) and Real Madrid (April 1, 2017).

This season, despite the addition of many quality recruits such as Emre Khan, Giovanni Cancelli, Leonardo Bonucci (acquired from Milan) and, in particular, the "blockbuster" of 112m euros, Cristiano Ronaldo, Juve still won as Serie A bamboo series to win the 5th round of the scudetto and won the 8th Scudetto in a row, but they are still disappointed.

In the Champions League, "the old lady of Turin" lost from pain in Ajax Amsterdam 1-2 on the home ground of the Allianz and still just stood in the quarter-finals of tournament number 1 on the old continent this year.

In the remaining arena Juve They competed as the Italian national cup (Cup of Italy), they did not even defeat the championship when they were shocked by Atlanta in the quarter-finals with a humiliating defeat in Bergamo 0-3.

The current Juventus is rated to have the best team in Europe, with Cristiano Ronaldo still very sharp in Serie A and the Champions League with quality players around him, such as Dybala, Mandzukic, Mtuidi experienced veterans like Kielini, Bonucci, Pjanic, …

But the weakest side for them is probably the position of the coach, Massimiliano Alegre. The 51-year-old strategist has been linked to Juventus from 2014 to the present. Over the past five years, Max Alegre joined the Bianconeri for winning 5 scouts, 4 Coppa Italia and 2 Italian Super Cups. But he and his students are still unscrupulous in the Champions League after receiving two irresistible failures against Barça and Real in 2015 and 2017.

With a team full of financial and human resources and a giant dream, declared the European crown as Juve, the 23-year period did not crown the Champions League (last time Ajax won the last series of shootings, 1996) is too long.

And perhaps, at the end of this season, it's also a good time for Juve to break up with Alegre and find new rulers that can return to the glory of the continent to escape from the scene. "wild market" like PSG in League 1 over the years.

New teacher for Ronaldo and "Old Lady": Mourinho offers better than Conte?

Cristiano Ronaldo is still a terrible "killer", even at the age of hacking. In the first season he played for Juve, he now has 19 goals in Serie A and still hopes to compete for the title "Sagittarius".

In the Champions League, if there was no hat-trick against Atletico Madrid in the eighth round, Juve was eliminated in this round. In the second round of the quarter-finals against Ajax, Ronaldo was the first to score the "Old Lady of Turin" score. But then, "Zebra" still falls, and maybe the entire team and coach Allegri apologized to the CR7.

Allegri is likely to be taken over by President Andrea Agnelli to leave Juve's "hot spot" this summer and two candidates aim to replace him as Jose Mourinho and old Antonio Conte.

Juventus find new teachers for Ronaldo: "# 34; Allegri, invited Mourinho is reasonable? - 2

Mourinho is the brightest candidate to replace Alegre in Juve next season

Conte understands Italian football in general and Juve, especially when he leads the club and the Italian national team. But almost a year of unemployment, after being fired by Chelsea in July 2018, and the past "pierced" by Stamford Bridge, the 49-year-old strategist surprised him in the "biography" if he wanted to lead Juve.

In the previous three seasons (2011-2014) he led the team from Torino, Conte has not yet brought Juve into the Champions League final, which means he is worse than the current Alegre (twice).

And Mourinho was twice crowned by the Champions League when he led Porto (2004) and Inter (2010). A "special person" also has the time to lead Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid (2010-2013), so he understands this fellow student.

Playing a defensive style – Mourinho's counterattack may have been "captured" in the English Premier League when he led Chelsea and Manchester United, but will be hit when he comes to Serie A to take over the command in Juve. The year of success in Inter with the top of the 2009/10 highs will be another advantage to help him sit in the "hot spot" of the upcoming Serie A championship.

Mourinho may be the most appropriate name for Ronaldo and Juve at the moment when the original goal was Zinedine Zidane, who came back to lead Real Madrid, if you have to choose a pledge coach for the future of 2019/20.

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