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Cong Foon lost the main attack to Incheon United with 9 K league

– Kong Fowong was informed to sit on the 9th round of the K-League, when Incheon United received Seonham home at 16:00 on April 27, with the return of the attacker Mugosa.

At 16:00 tomorrow, July 27, Kong Fowong and Incheon United will meet the team ranked 5th in the rankings, Zion within the 9th round of the V-league. This is a competition that for Vietnamese visitors who live in Korea, or traveling here to support the CP23 yard, however, they will receive a 50% discount on ticket prices.

Kong Phuong is a reserve ... in the 9th K-league
Kong Fuong still considers K-league to be able to make a mutation when it is thrown into the field

However, it will be difficult for those who want the CP10 to see a Vietnamese striker enter the field from the start. According to the news from the K-League website, Kong Fowong will play a backup role when Incheon United welcomed the return of the main striker Mugosa after four games to sit out for injury.

Coach Lim Jung Yong expects Mugosa to make a big difference to Incheon United on the day of re-export because the pain had to leave the pitch in the 5th round of the K-League (Incheon's match was 0-2).

It was also the match that Kong Fowong was first thrown into the K-League (3/4), and by attacking with Mugosa.

Kong Phuong is a reserve ... in the 9th K-league
Mugosa is ready to re-export to Incheon United against Seongnam tomorrow

And also, because this key number 9 withdrew, with Cong Phuong's praise, the hard-earned Park Park student was constantly on the pitch afterwards (with 2 more matches, another match in 54th minute) in round 6, 7 K-League and 4 assists from National Cup in Korea.

However, due to certain difficulties, as well as Incheon United … well, Kong Fowong does not promote his ability, quite lonely on the ground. As a result, Incheon United lost all 6 matches with the HAGL striker.

In the 8-K League last week, coach Lim Jung Yong allowed Kong Foon to sit outside, and Incheon Unita earned 1 point (0-0 draw), finishing with a series of disappointing defeats.

In the round of the 9-K-League in the afternoon on April 27, although the Kong Fowong information was ready, the K-league site "noted" more: "Vietnamese football star Nguyen Kong Fowong has not yet scored for Incheon United, but can make a positive impact from the bench in the afternoon match April 27 with Seongnam.".

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