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Car season "broken" for the month of the soul?

As for the big companies, the importers, it seems that the concept of the month of the soul does not have much of an impact, but the import is still going well to prepare for the car demand in the last months of the year.

This means that consumer cars purchased from now to the end of the year will definitely be imported into the soul month.

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Lunar July was conceived as a "soul" month, so the activity of buying cars and houses was restrained by many people.

Yam Tu Street Lim car salesman Nam Tu Lim, Hanoi said consumers still have no obligation to buy high value items in the month of the soul, the short month to avoid black. However, there are other customers who do not bother and still put the car in the soul month.

The reason why the seller explained that if you buy a car in the month of the soul, customers will be reduced more by the company, faster delivery and easier procedures … this also helps the company and the agency avoid falling. sale.

However, there are agents who recognize that "sales" have fallen rapidly in the month of the soul. "The more people have money, the more business people are superstitious, afraid to buy houses, deliver cars in the month of the soul, especially with cars, day trips and unforeseen risks. However, Not everything, there are people who do not care about this, however, is willing to pay for the car because the delivery advantage this month is faster, registration is also fast, cost effective, "said Monch, a car salesman.

Other markets are old cars, for months souls often have very few agents generating sales, mainly buying in cars as major. "It has to be significantly reduced to be able to push the car in the soul month, otherwise it will be very difficult. The guests who come to me mainly ask why the car has fallen deep and if they decide to buy in the soul month, they will ask for a discount. In particular, most buyers who pledge to buy at the price of the month of the soul but are looking for a new month to deliver the car to avoid bad luck. hey he said

In fact, in the seventh lunar month, the downward trend in car prices is not much, but it is being used by many firms and agents to boost sales in the coming months.

A broker selling cars at the Taco Showroom on Yam Van Dong Street, Hanoi said: This month firms, agents have lowered prices mainly on cars with a small sale of tens of millions of dongs; buyers are signing contracts for next month, but have not yet received any money waiting for the month of Ngu.

"Month by month, if customers buy a car, they can get tens of millions of VNDs, just to get a car and get a price. The company used this" afternoon client "psychology to sell well, to compete with other customers. other competitors in the market, "said the car dealer.

However, not all car makers have lowered prices this month as consumer sentiment declines in demand for goods, meaning that promotion and price reductions will fail.

In the last three months of July 5, 6 and July, the volume of sales on the Vietnamese car market has increased sharply. However, car makers, dealers and brokers in August confirm the positive (July negative), of course, the sales of all firms are down, this is the rule of the market.

Although no one has demonstrated the purchase of expensive items in the month of the soul, such as houses, vehicles are black, bad, but people's psychology is commonplace to avoid buying high value items, so does business The Real Market Number in previous years it has declined sharply, many companies at this point had no intention or temporarily stopped launching new models.

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