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Captain Airbus tells the story of the rare … landing between Highway 1

Thursday, January 31, 2019 10:00 (GMT + 7)

For almost 40 years, they adhere to the flying career, marking the memorable unforgettable with the Vietnamese airlines' old tent captain Nguyen Thailand Trung is the time of the plane … from gas.

Captain Airbus tells a rare story ... landing between the highway 1 - 1

Captain Nguyen Thailand Trung as Deputy General Director of Vietnam Airlines and Mr. Carlos Alcantara, a representative of Airbus Group at the ceremony to deliver the first A321neo in Hamburg (Germany)

Road traffic route "slamming" and plane

Almost 40 years of flying, what is the memory you remember most?

Every trip, every time I go to classes, every time I receive a new plane, I will have memories, but the most remorseless for me is "flight to remember life" from the early days with the airline.

During 1982-1983, when I returned home from school, my teacher taught me to fly from Tan Son Nath to Moz Chau. It was an AN 2 aircraft ("two-winged" socialist aircraft, a motor). It is expected that we will go to Da Nang at the beginning, then fuel.

At that time, the plane caught waves with radio waves, so many waves were lost, and the pilot did not know where he was. That day, it was windy, so the plane was "blown up" to Quang Binh. When I was flying, I rushed gas and I had to land on QL1. Once we took off our wings, we suddenly arrested two traffic officials.

These two friends later recalled that the plane in the sky, flying quite low, one of the two newcomers played. Where can I just stumble and see the plane … park in front of me.

The plane can be lowered again in the middle of the highway, sounding incredible, what was his feeling then?

It's true that it's hard to believe, but it's a real story. At that time, Quang Binh was only adopted by storm, unable to communicate. At that time, only a few agencies (the Ministry of Defense, VNPT …) could be connected through the call center. We had no choice because the plane was torn off the gas, we had to find a big enough landing place.

Police comrades then naturally viewed a gas leak in the middle of the highway, saying it should be locked up especially for each person to interview and inspect. After a clear publication of the agency's name, it will be "justified". At the same time, the team of AN 2 at home found a loss of contact for 2 days and decided to make a memorial service.

My father at that time did not believe that his son had died. Due to working in the VN Gas Corporation, having information on many branches throughout the country, he contacted and learned that the AN2 plane landed at NH1 and knew that his son was alive.

Does it sound more like a "primitive" airplane driver than we could imagine?

That's right. During a flying "socialist aircraft", there was no flying map. We often need bookstores to buy maps and use the lines, rulers of the line, directions on the map. At that time, the crew consisted of 5 people: the main driver, auxiliary driver, guide, mechanics and information. In particular, the only driver is able to fly by plane. The helper driver can now fly from the plane from start to finish, just having less time to fly from the captain and can not make decisions at critical moments. However, at that time, the assistant driver was only responsible for calling and connecting communications, including … reporting rice to the crew.

Friends who lead the way are responsible for directions, the main driver only knows how to drive. Make the order to turn the packaging, tell if it's up, saying down is down. A mechanics companion is in charge of tasks such as lowering and loading oil … And finally, the information officer just sits and contacts.

Teacher "Trung Ink" is difficult

Come to the flying profession very early. As one of the first captains of Vietnam Airlines, he must be a "young man"?

"After opening the old photos to save the flying moments, Captain Nguyen Tyun Trung said:" Flying is not for those who lack courage and discipline. You may be qualified, have a foreign language, but if you do not have the courage, you are not ready, violent with every possible situation, tell us about flying. Also, the way you love and appreciate the lives of others. Pilot work has no space for people who do not have a sense of discipline, disorganization or superficiality.

The opposite is different. In front of me, my family had no one in the airline industry. My job is very random, like the word "charm". At that time, I was still in high school at Le Quy Don High School (Hanoi), there were delegations for recruiting pilots. Before that, I had no idea about this job. Learning the exam is simply "trying to say", unexpectedly, I'm the only one who passed the exam.

Later, my younger sister also became one of the first flight attendants of Vietnam Airlines. My first daughter is now "following my father's career" as a flight attendant.

In Vietnam Airlines, he is known as one of the most veteran captain "specializing in" Airbus aircraft. When asked about him, many pilots immediately said: "An Emphasized Chinese Teacher" who does not know the flight crew. What do you say about this comment?

I received basic training in the former German Democratic Republic, when I returned home, initially specialized in driving AN2, YAK 40 aircraft, which were produced by the Soviet Union.

Since the 1990s, with the leadership vision of an industry that is not preparing to lift the embargo, I and the seven other pilots were sent for the first time to learn to fly to the Western Airplane (Belgium and Switzerland) for the gradual replacement of the Eastern Flight World. Later, I was also one of the first three pilots (with Captain Nguyen Hong Lin and Nguyen Nam Lien) approved by Air France in 1994 with the Airbus A320 family and sticking with this aircraft from that time.

During my 40 years with Vietnam Airlines, I was always honored to join the first Airbus aircraft back to the airline's fleet. It was the first Airbus A320 from Vietnam Airlines (1996), the first A321 (2004), A330 (2005) A350-900 (2015) and A321neo.

Regarding the fact that you call yourself a "sophisticated Chinese master," it's simply because your skin is black and hard to calculate, especially when teaching (Captain Nguyen Thailand Trung laughs).

For a long time I was sticking to my summer career, but in 1996 I really became a flying teacher (Mr. Trung is one of the first three Airbus teachers in Vietnam – PW). At that time, the civil aviation industry also had a milestone from previous socialist aircraft to the capitalist plane (after the US lifted the embargo). My students at that time were not just young people who were new to the profession, but also fellow soldiers, even former heads – pilots from the military shifted.

Thank you!

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