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Ca Mau hot information for hundreds of fetal bodies and trash Society

In the afternoon of April 26, the Ka Mao People's Committee held a press conference on more than 300 fetal and garbage bodies buried at the Ka Mau City Waste Treatment Plant.

Mr. Lam Bao Queen, Deputy Head of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, head of the inspection team, said that yesterday, afternoon (25 April), the Working Group worked with the wastewater treatment plant in the city of Ca Mau. It is known that the fetus is buried in different positions.

"The group continues to use a search digger. As a result, two jars have been found to bury the fetus, and then some other positions have been sought, but have not yet been discovered," said Lam Bao Quien.

Ka Mau reported hot cases of hundreds of fetal bodies and rubbish - photo 1

East Island Press Agency attended the press conference

This morning, April 26, the embankment inspection team was 440 meters long. The Ca Mau waste treatment plant uses motor vehicles and 3 inspectors to support workers.

In the first position, the inspection team discovered 2 jars that the plant considers contain fetal bodies. Four other random positions, the inspection team did not reveal anything, completed the inspection and made a record.

However, after that, the Ca Mau City Treatment Plant damages demanded further inspection. At the first excavation site, two jars containing the fetus were found and enlarged the area to investigate, revealing another 5 jars for the fetus.

Thus, the inspection team on the ground discovered 9 clay vessels for retention of the fetus and trash collected at the waste treatment plant in the city of Ca Mau.

Mr. Fan Hoang Wu, chairman of the Ka Mao People's Committee, said the working group only checked and discovered that jars were buried underground. Due to lack of authority and expertise, it is not necessary to open a jar, and not to determine whether jars have a fetus or not.

Are there more than 300 fetal bodies buried in the Ca Mau City Treatment Plant? Mr. Fan Hoang Wu said "Tomorrow we will notify the Provincial People's Committee and the Provincial People's Committee for Directions and Directions. We do not have the authority to be able to carry out the test. We only record and report in the province for direction and handling.

How Tian Fong (owner of a wastewater treatment plant in Ca Mau) has a report to Ca Mau provincial peoples' commission to support the treatment of fetus status and trash in the garbage collection. Accordingly, from the operation to date (2012-2019), more than 300 fetal bodies were found in the trash, discovered and buried.

Source of reporters Tian Fong, Co., Ltd. Construction – Trade – Cong Ly has two times more than the process of the Ca Mau Provincial People's Committee over the status. This time, the provincial National Committee of Ca Mau issued a two-time dispatch to direct the functional industry to its final handling due to the "shocking" public opinion.

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