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Buy Original Phones, Receive Fake Goods: Lazada Says External Fraud Too Funny | Finance – business

Wong Tran, a tester for the phone and audio-visual equipment in Ho Chi Minh City, confirmed that the Oppo F11 Pro phone is the cheapest on the market with almost 7 million dong. The products sold for less than 3.4 million CNN to Lazada, so Lazada allowed the shops to sell the mixing machine to the system. In this case, the error belongs to the trading platform.

But the biggest thing is that the Lazada process has problems. According to the procurement process, only Lazada will deliver the product to the customer. In this case, Lazada allows the sales unit to retrieve the phone number, address and any order before shipping, excluding the store with full information and delivering the product to customers. but then cancel the actual order delivered through Lazada. In this case, the mistake also belongs to the trading platform.

On the consumer side, Wong Tran also warned that being cautious in advertising phones that are "Singapore products" are half as cheap, even 1/5, 1/7 of the original price, all fake. , fake products.

A reader by the name of Huynh Tran (Ho Chi Minh City) also asked the question to have 2 unusual points. First, why does the store have no good except open for sale, is there an acceptable store to receive orders, know customer information and then fake fraud? The store probably can't.

Second, why do customers often question the Lazada Call Center to ask for information to which employees responded, and no, how do customers know they are cheated while Lazada has a policy of not checking every time? Apply Like Lazada also has errors in this case because it does not respond to customer information, the policy does not check goods, it crashes or tolerates a Lazada customer fraud store. One is the Lazada staff, the other is the shop owner who deceives customers, it is impossible for a third party to know the exact order information and address of the customer.
Lawyer Nguyen Van Shaw, president of the Center for Commercial Arbitration Centers in Vietnam, told the reason why the deception of Lazada outside was too unreasonable and could hardly happen in life. As all product details are ordered to the address, the customer's phone number is correct. So why is this information? If Lazarada makes this clear, then let's say fake. Otherwise, delivery of fake and fake products is the responsibility of Lazada. This is a form of customer fraud. Consumers have the right to file a lawsuit against Lazada for the purchase order paid on this online market, but received only counterfeit and unusable items.

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