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Brazil easily won the championship in the Asian Cup in 2019

Although Neymar had to leave the pitch early for injury, Brazil still defeated Qatar 2-0 at a friendly match on June 5 (local time).

Riccallison became the new star of Brazil. Photo: Reuters

Riccallison became the new star of Brazil. Photo: Reuters

Goal: Richardson 16 ?, Gabriel Jesus 24?.

The national match of the National Stadium (Brazil) takes place in a one-way game, where the host of the home team dominates the opponent from Asia. When the game was only 16 minutes, Dani Alves hit the ball in the right direction, so Richarlison led the score.

The match was only partially oversized when Neymar was injured on the pitch in the 20th minute. However, deputy Everton Soares has fit well, helped Brazil continue to push the field.

The home side scored the second goal in the 24th minute. This time, Richardson played a constructive role, with a trick, when Gabriel put Jesus in order to defeat goalkeeper Al Shaw.

Brazil 2-0 Qatar

Qatar has won all of its last seven matches, including the Asian Cup final in 2019, but has completely "no door" in comparison with the team that won the World Cup five times. At the beginning of the second half, if the referee did not use the VAR to reveal the performance of Filip Coutinho in a strike and refused to recognize the goal, the result could have been increased for Brazil.

The match was less active than the middle of the second half, when both teams began to replace people more easily. Due to its friendly nature, Brazil employs up to six staff adjustments.

Qatar have a chance to shorten the score when it gets a penalty from a mistake by goalkeeper Ederson in the 92nd minute, but Boualem Khoukhi slipped the ball into the goal.

Neymar's injury covered the shadow of Brazil's victory. "Data-nature-h =" 281 "data-natural width =" 500 "src =" /06/neymar3-8255-1559795149.jpg

Neymar's injury covered the shadow of Brazil's victory.

Brazil also had a friendly match with Honduras on June 9. On June 14, the home team will start Copa America with Bolivia in Group A – where both Peru and Venezuela are in attendance.

Qatar also plays in Copa America as one of the two guests, along with Japan. Asian champions in group B are with Argentina, Colombia and Paraguay. Japan in Group C with Uruguay, Chile and Ecuador.

Three matches tables will take place in a circular way. The two teams that lead each group and the two best third teams will enter the quarter-finals.

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