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Anh Douk raider father: "The goal is to respond to the harsh Thai civilization in the stone" Sport

Dark past (June 5) A team in Vietnam There was a match against a very strong Thai opponent. Before the match, football experts and fans greatly appreciated the team of Thai and professional and fitness. In addition, the ability to play at home is more favorable for Thailand.

However, with the title of English striker Anthony Duck in the 94th minute of the match, Vietnam won a landslide victory. In addition, the Vietnamese team got tickets to play the final of the King's Cup in 2019.

Father Anhu Duk strikes: Vietnam's goal reacts to Thailand's brutality - photo 1Ankh Douk attacker helped Vietnam recruit for the final of the Royal Cup

Talking about the competition and the impressive victory of the team of Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Bey, the father of the attacker Nguyen Anh Duq, said he was very happy when the team title won the title.

"It does not matter if Duk or any of our players score goals, I just need to know that Vietnam is happy enough." In addition, the better team of Vietnam won the Thai team on the court. The victory in their own home shows that Thailand is not easy is being harassed now, "said Mr. Bay.

Father Anh Douk raider: Vietnam's goal reacts to Thailand's brutality - photo 2Ankh Duc relatives are lucky to have scored a goal with the oldest striker of the Vietnam team

Anh Duck striker also added, watching the game repeatedly he was very unpleasant, sometimes angry over the harsh game of Thai players. "The beating of the cold player Doan Van Ho, the phase of Trung Hoang, and especially Kong Fowong, was hit in the midst of the groin very dangerous, which shows that Thailand has a very rough way.

With such mistakes, the referee did not draw the red card, which is understandable because this is just a friendly tournament. I am very happy because the position of our players is very good, calm and does not play the sharp response as our team did, "admitted Nguyen Bay.

Father Anh Anh gunman: Vietnam's goal is to respond to Thailand's brutality - photo 3Father striker Nguyen Anh Duq
Also, according to Mr Bay, the victory of the Vietnamese team is of great spiritual value. First, victory helps Vietnamese players to reject Thailand's "upper door" mentality. More importantly, the victory of Vietnam is a response to a rough game. Because, in football, civilization must be expressed with the result.

According to the schedule of the match, the 2019 Royal Cup final will be held at 19.45 on June 8 between the Vietnamese team and the Curacao team. Meanwhile, Thailand will compete with the Indian team at 15:30 the same day.

Suffering from pain before Vietnam, the Thais seek to replace the coach

Thailand's testimony must receive a bitter defeat of 0-1 before the Vietnamese team, many fans of the Golden Temple team have confirmed that the home team is no longer the number one in Southeast Asia and wants to replace the coach as soon as possible. Good.

Lower Thailand, Vietnam recruit directly to the FIFA rankings

The 1-0 win over the Thai team not only helped the Vietnamese team once again to take the No. 1 position in Southeast Asia, but helped Teachers and Park Hunsho students to advance 1 grade to the rankings Fifa It climbed to 97th place and took the lead in qualifying for the World Cup in 2022.

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