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And the hustle of the text to support the elderly to give birth to a daughter is a girl

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 19:00 (GMT + 7)

Young people giving birth to a child who is a girl without a pension, a social protection supplement, a preferential allowance for meritorious persons … will be supported.

Recently, the social network spreads document no. 24 on April 5, 2019 the Doi Khan Ward People's Committee (Ba Dinh District, Hanoi) to local population groups reporting and reviewing needs. the demand for the elderly to give birth to a child who is not a pensioner, a social security supplement, a privileged allowance for people with meritorious deeds to build support policies.

Stamping text to support older children for giving birth to a daughter - 1

The Doi Can Ward Leading Document for Considering the Elderly One Child is a Girl to Formulate a Support Policy

This document is implemented under the guidance of Document No. 666 of 12.03.2019 of the Hanoi City Department of Labor, Disabled People and Social Affairs for reporting and reviewing the need for elderly to give birth to a child. Girls without pensions, social protection benefits, subsidies for people with deserving services to build support policies.

The People's Committee of the Department asked the street leaders to review and report exactly the number of elderly unmarried girls and they need the help of the National Committee before April 10, 2019 for synthesis. report to the District People's Committee Ba ​​Ding.

As soon as the text appears, the online community has been discussing this issue. Many people believe that the text has sexual discrimination only when it is supported to give birth to a girl without the support of a son. There is also a question, is it an older person, can I still have a baby to support?

"Being a child, even if a boy or girl is equal, must spend 9 months and 10 days together with a parent to raise it. A policy that is humane, but something is wrong," said the Facebook.

On April 17, an exchange with PV, Ms. Ngo Thi Minh Hang, vice president of the Doi Can Ward People's Committee committee, confirmed that the department reviewed older people who gave birth to a unilateral daughter according to the Labor Code No. 666 trade. Military and social city Hanoi.

"This document was not issued by a department, but the department followed only the document No. 666 of the Department of Labor, Disabled Persons and Social Affairs and the direction of the County of Bin to consider the elderly who gave birth to a daughter." "Ms. Hung said.

The Vice-President of the Doi Committee may have chosen a national committee that older seniors giving birth to unilateral children should not be entitled to any benefits, such as pensions, social security benefits and preferential benefits. people with meritorious deeds … In the department, they considered "quite a lot," but the specific figures are consolidating.

Answering the question of whether the elderly gave birth to a daughter who was born or had a child, she would give birth, said Ms. Hang, she is not sure about it.

"How is the directive, we are taking over the Association of Elderly in the neighboring groups, they will be responsible for reviewing the members of the association. As for the age prescribed by the elderly, the Department does not yet specify how we can get it?" , Informed by Mrs. Hang.

Under the understanding of PV, document no. 666 of the Hanoi Department of Labor, Disability and Social Affairs issued on March 12, 2019 is expected to formulate a policy to support the elderly for giving birth to a girlfriend in order to improve social assistance for the elderly, implement policies for the population, reduce the pressure older people have a son to support old age, especially elderly people without pensions, social security benefit association or a subsidy for meritorious people.

In 2018, the entire city of Hanoi had 39,915 elderly people who gave birth to only one daughter, including 17,744 non-retiree and social protection allowance. Therefore, the Department of Labor, Disability and Social Affairs suggested that the District Committees of the districts should direct and review the Department in order to have a basis for developing policies to support the elderly for the birth of a girl who is a girlfriend and is expected. source of support.

It was also punished the ridicule of the person who gave birth to a one-sided child

Many people love girls, satisfied with having two daughters when they are ridiculed will feel frustrated and hindered.

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