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Adultery with her husband's best friend is still open challenges – a young friend

Saturday, April 27, 2012 07:42 (GMT + 7)

Although knowing that Mr Lam has a family, Ms. Hoang still opposes the development of illegal ties.

According to the published information, Ms. Huang, who lives in Kaohsiung, Taiwan has a happy marriage with her husband. Unfortunately, in 2015, Mrs. Hoang's husband died, leaving Hoang lonely and miserable.

At the time of her birth, Hoang's husband had a close friend Lam. Mr. Lam also often goes to the playground, especially with Mrs. Hoang.

After the death of Mrs. Hoang, Mr. Lam returned and comforted Mrs. Hoang many times. In the end, there should not be two people who developed feelings.

Adultery with her husband's best friend is also an open challenge - 1

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Although knowing that Lam was married, his wife and daughter suggested, moreover, the two families met many times, Ms. Hoang also knew and died with Lam's wife, but Ms. Hoang could not resisted. Develop secret relationships with her husband's best friends.

Not only did she develop her illicit relationship, Ms. Hoang also sent a lot of sensitive photographs to Mr. Lam, who also developed many times physical relations.

The paper did not light a fire, this connection was discovered by Mr. Lam's wife. It is worth mentioning, when questioned by Lam's wife, Ms. Hoang also strongly said: "Such a thing does not sound like a hand, I have love, but my husband also means" there is even a request. " husband "with his wife Lam, causing Lam's wife to be strongly attacked.

Painful, angry, Mr Lam's wife decided to sue Ms. Huang for trial on charges of sabotaging the happiness of others, claiming the NT $ 600,000 (about 420 million).

At the trial of the case, based on the evidence given by Mr. Lam's wife, including photographs, messages, voicemail, the court sentenced Mrs Hoang to guilty, sabotaging the happiness of other families, compensating for NT $ 300,000 ( about 210 million VND). However, Ms. Huang can still appeal.

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