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Absolutely, you and your spouse cannot ask grandparents for help when your child is sick.

Ngok Traj said he and his wife decided to have children before talking to the family, so far they are not married.

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Ngoc Trai is an actor who was known for playing the role of Quy Dom in the 8x, 9x generation student film Kaleidoscope. Until now, he is known as an actor, MoF, spokesperson …

In 2018, Ngok Traj made the audience get involved in announcing his girlfriend and the story of "living together" for more than 2 years. The two allegedly had their first child but were not married and were still in rented houses. "I try to work to give the best to my child. Wedding is expensive, raising children is expensive, so I spend all the money I have to raise children. ", Open Traj.

Ngok Traj is known for playing Quy Rom in the movie Kaleidoscope.

Currently, he is active in the entertainment industry with many roles actors, MK, voice actors …

– Hi, Pearl. Becoming a "milk daddy dad" do you face a lot of pressure and challenges?

The pressure is definitely there, not like "Having a baby is fun, your life will be happy"Where. When you have a child, Ngoc Traj learns that he is a responsible person. If he is not responsible, the happiness of your family cannot be sustained and you cannot afford to be a father.

Responsibility comes with many things, from lowering your ego, thinking no more about yourself, until you have to manage many things. Pearl is gradually facing difficulties and trying to overcome them.

– At the moment, what is the life of couple Pearl after having their first child?

Everything is normal. In the past, Ngok Traj has come out a lot, now it's less. In his first year, Ngok Traj wants to devote all his time to his children. Boys are not people who have a whole childhood, don't live with their parents, friends don't … So when boys have children, boys think about childhood, their stories and realize, if not interested You are like having another F2 pearl .

It was a really lonely feeling. The boys understand that at all costs, for the first year, boys have tried to devote affection, time to children. After year 2, I start sending my child to kindergarten so that my child can have more contact with the outside world and have better friends.

Ngoc Trai has become an original "milk dad" when you regularly post stories and pictures of your first child being raised.

"In the past, Traj has come out a lot, now less because she spends most of her time with his wife and kids," the actor said.

– How do you and your husband allocate time for their child care?

When a wife sleeps, a boy will take care of him. When a son sleeps, he will take care of his wife. If the child sleeps, the couple will wake up, then they will take care of each other. And if the couple is sleepy and the child is awake, let's get out together because … no choice.

– Having a first child and having a child must also cause a couple to be in conflict.

Many, many, many, and that is the challenge that couples face every day. Fortunately, the husband and son do not raise children according to people's mouths, but science learns from books. Whatever is appropriate for your child, make bullets, then the couple builds their own chart instead of following the general scheme available.

But men are not as thorough as women. When doing food or other things related to caring for a son, Tray does it arbitrarily, but his wife has to make another cutting board, another knife, all that needs to be sterilized. Tray, also confused, asked his wife: "Why trouble?"Then his wife explained:"If you are not careful, your child will eat, not his, what will he do?".

Ngoc Traj and his wife have faced great pressure and conflict in the process of raising their children.

But thanks to the view of "not raising children according to people's mouths", caring for the couple is also quite smooth.

– Every time there is a problem with child rearing, do you "seek help" from your grandparents?

No, absolutely not, because people who need help are people with knowledge. If you are sick, you must seek a doctor, but you cannot ask your parents. Like the first wave of Pearls with the virus in almost a week, it was the first time the whole family was worried, so they did not eat or sleep without fear. Such diseases cannot "ask" grandparents on both sides to ask how to cure "folk" advice.

– Do Ngok Traj and his wife have any birth plans?

Everything must be planned. Like when I had my first child, it was also part of the couple's plan. At that time, his wife told Traj directly: "Brother, I want to have a child"The boy replied:"Okay, I just want to have, I'll have kids".

But having a baby before talking to the family, as family storytelling has its own viewpoints, can make the decision for both children distressing at the time. Because it was my decision, even though at the time I didn't know if it was right or stupid, they both kept going. But when it comes to making a decision, it's true that one thing, when I'm born, everything from work, thought … is better.

In terms of future plans, Tray takes time to earn money for his second wife, to earn some capital to do other things, to earn money for his children to go to school … The newest route is the first year. spend all the time the children, after the 2nd year, they will make money in the 2nd year, if God gives birth to another baby.

The image of caring for every child "triggers fever" by Ngoc Traj.

The actor also revealed that he may have more children next year.

– What about the wedding?

In fact, things are still under control. I'm just lucky and I have to save it, I have to try. As for what brings life, do not count too much, because the more you think, the more you miss what will happen.

Exactly 2 you find the wedding boring. People come and receive the envelope, make sure they have the profits and losses, even those who come to the wedding may not want to go because they respect it. Traj understands this because Traj goes to a wedding, so he doesn't want to feel that anymore. The wedding must be a happy day, and in fact that day only the couple and those who are truly involved in the life of each other are interested.

Fortunately, the mother's family did not say anything about marriage, the paternal family was completely supportive. Now that “rice is cooked in rice”, it is important for the family to understand their thoughts. However, Ngok Traj also wants something complete for her, which she thinks is unnecessary because … she still has no money to marry.

This is also the reason Tray tried, and later confidently told his wife, "Baby, now all is enough, will you marry me?“At that time, of course, my wife would agree. If my husband and I are now married, we will have to work "down" to pay the debt.

– Thanks for sharing interesting Ngoc Trai!

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