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A story about the ups and downs of a culinary expert Kam van just went down to go to someone else's

Or believe that the culinary expert Nguyen Joe Kam Van, the name of Die Tin, went to hairdressing in a temple in the District 12, Ho Chi Minh, many people were not surprised, but also congratulated her for fulfilling her wishes. in this life.

A story about the ups and downs of a culinary expert Kam van just went down to go to someone else's
Culture expert Nguyễn Diệuãn Cẩm Vân before and after placing.

The picture of her appearance in culinary guide programs, always with a look of "fairy" with silver hair, a happy tenderness, a gentle smile is always present on her face.

Few people know that her life was very crying, and many were crashes and falls. Recently, when she appeared with a new look – a monk, when touched her long-term desire, she radiates peace and ease.

"Buddha in my heart is Buddha above. Let me pay my respects and respect." It was the days when she was accompanied by her mother on the pagoda, led by her mother at the Buddha's ceremony, Nguyen Joe Kam Kam saw this Buddha.

Because babies do not want to eat meat, they do not know how to eat fish, even if they prefer to take the punishment of her father, but not to eat fish meat. When they were studying far from home, her parents sent their school, "as a Buddhist sent to a religious school," she told herself to sing a great anthem, to read the Bible, and to go to church, just like the pious sheep.

A little older, married a Christian believer, went to church for two years, no longer, during that time "I secretly went to the temple, I liked going to the temple, I began to want to live daily with what the Buddha taught."

In 1989, while she was a literary teacher, with a salary that was not sufficient to cover family life, she thought of imposing more cooking, knitting, hanger, embroidery, sewing … to manage enough jobs. as long as you can earn child support. In 1990, she gave up teaching to bring her youngest son to Australia to treat heart disease.

When returning to the country, debt is accumulated due to a children's loan. Thanks to manual skills, how to do precise work, she taught self-taught, then went to rent, made cakes … Then she asked to teach baking for the Tang Bin Vocational Education Center. Here, she dedicates to learning the art of cooking. In 1993 Ho Chi Minh City Television needed a teacher who had cooking experience for the Khéo tay hay do program and introduced the center to join this program.

"I am a weak woman because my parents are so well cared for, so when I have difficulty I do not know where to go, but I'm afraid of starvation and suffering, so I have to do it, I have to stick to my children. More importantly, I live for my parents who are not sad, people around me do not get bored. Never expect another person, they have a heart for what they give me, but I have to stand on my feet. "

Besides, when she went to the temple, she often told the teacher: "Why are you so miserable? They told me that since I'm karma, I have to pay, but I'm happy and I'm not happy, paid a lot and so much," so she was happy in unexpected circumstances.

At a meeting session at the Min Dang Quang hospital in August, she said she had two children at the age of 66, had two great pains in her life, the first time she was Her youngest child went to heart surgery, "can to say it is frightening to me. " The second sadness in her life was when her first son died, she said, a son who died aged 35, who was very sympathetic and healthy, had no illness.

In the early days of the great event in that life, she was crazy, unable to control, emerge every day, but does not know where to go.

A story about the ups and downs of a culinary expert Kam van just went down to go to someone else's
TT Thich Giac Dung performed a worldwide ritual (hair down) for high school in high school – Tin Nguyen Joe Van Kam Van

As a blessing, she went to Fourth Minds – relics related to the Buddha's life, to bow in places with Buddha's prints, where she was otherwise crying because she missed her everywhere. , pray and hope you can escape.

After reaching the Ganges River, seeing the real life here and witnessing the immersion of babies in the sacred river, as well as the cremation of the dead, "naturally I see that life and death are so irrelevant," she recalls. .

When she returned home after a pilgrimage, standing in front of the altar, she realized that "it was enough for my mother and son, so I just left", went happily, smiled when she left, "why I cry." Accordingly, the pain subsided, there was no pain to make her suffer more.

"Once I understood the teachings of Buddha in my life, I realized that inconsistency, the happy things I met in my life were … normal."

She also acknowledged that she sometimes stood in front of thousands of students, was invited to speak in many places, get to know the students, remove the impasse for them very well, but she did not know why she was so dead- so stubborn to the point of suppression, and at times there was only one thought to die, because she thought about it and decided to "die for it."

"After coming back from death, I became aware that people loved me so much before I could not feel it …".

"When I was fired from the hospital home and found the sentence" I was guilty and frustrated, I was surprised, "I was surprised, because I could not see it every day. I'm not sure if it's good, but I have a little dust. Fortunately, kindness and love for my lovers has pulled me away. So now I live with love, I feel a nice life … "she said.

With 25 years of culinary guidance, almost 90 titles, more than 2,000 dishes were introduced, helped housewives, restaurants, lots of cooking, but a real joy, she entrusted. : "What makes me the happiest is to make 260 vegetarian dishes in the Dharma Dharma vegetarian program. I just hope to bring more vegetarian food for more people." Now it is Buda's mind, the Buddha wants to cook. "

"Now for me Buddha's teachings are very practical, Buddha is in the mind, Buddha is everywhere, Every life is sometimes confused, Being a person is a blessing, knowing that Buddha Dharma is a blessing. Now I see my duty as a human being born to live worthy of being a human being. "

I take many lives …

As one of those who had the privilege of working with culinary expert Nguyen Joan van Wang to open the classes to order three regions of vegetarian cuisine and to retire to the Min Dang Quang hospital, he also attended the ordination ceremony. Her, Thích Minh Liên, abbot of Ngọc Bình, District 2, shared: "Cẩm Vân teaches the Buddha from the life experience of life, experiences from herself, life, living the family, in the process of teaching … These are very rich experiences from the spiritual life, the way in which she teaches Buddha. Thanks to those experiences, the lesson that enlightened her was that she should live more life, understand more, absorb more than the Buddha's teachings. breeding ".

The famous culinary expert Nguyen Joan Tsamm Viang goes to hair training "width =" 145 "height =" 101

The famous culinary expert Nguyen Duhan Kam Wang went to the hair retreat

The kitchen expert Kam Van was ordained on May 21, 2019 in a temple in the District 12, Ho Chi Minh City. Before that, she took refuge in the Buddha by the name of Die Tin and became a vegetarian.

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