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A portrait of a drug addict killed a sister in Dien Bien

Portrait of the killed brother

At 12:15 on April 25, the Tuan Gyao police received a report on the murder of Lo Thi Quong, SN 2004 in the villages of Nu and Quai.

The Police Department of Tuan Jao County was commanded by Colonel Nguyen Kuok Thoan, the chief of police police, and asked the Directorate of the Provincial Police Department and quickly organized the coordination forces with the police's functional units. , The province of Dien Bien Dien Bien organizes the review of the stage, carcasses, urgently deploying professional research and verification measures.

The results of field trials, carcasses and collected documents and evidence show that the victims died from drowning, head injuries … Through the investigation, the verification of the police identified here. is a murder, and the suspect is Lo Van Bien who is the victim's brother.

Lo Van Been (SN 1999) and sister Lou Thi Quong are children of Mrs. Lo Ti Sui (SN 1978) with Mr. Lo Van Fong (SN 1979) who live in the village of Lan A, the municipality of Muong Lan, Muong Hung County (Dien Bien).

Mr Phong was addicted to drugs, suffered from a serious illness and died many years ago. Two brothers Bienne and Cuong were brought to their home town by their mother to live in the village of Lao, the municipality of Xuan Lao, County Muong Ang

In 2014, Ms. Sui again married and returned to live with her husband's family in Ban, Quai To and Tuan Giao villages. She brought her two sons, Bienne and Quionge, to live with her stepfather.

Due to the difficult circumstances, Ms. Lo Thi Sui had to work in Hai Duong to earn a living. The elder son, Lo Van Beien, has no instruction to his parents who have suffered from drug abuse for four years. No career, earn a living with manual work. In particular, this audience is dependent on virtual life, it often happens on the Internet to show, with a tendency to like violence …

After the Lunar New Year on the moon in 2019, Bien and his mother went to the lowland provinces to work as employed workers; however, because of the theft, he was fired from the company. Lo Van Bien turned to Ban, Quai Tu 4 days before this serious case occurred.

Due to drug addiction, Bien repeatedly forced his sister LaThi Quong to give money and telephone, but could not. At noon on April 25, after his sister refused to borrow the phone and gave money, Bien used a wooden stick to hit his sister's head …

When Quion cried for help, Bien fiercely hit his sister to weaken and used a bandana to stifle her sister to death, then removed the necklace, her silver bracelet escaped from the scene …

* Hunting for the killer

After delineation, the identification of suspects of more than 100 police officers from the Tuan Giao area under the leadership of the Provincial Police Directorate in Dien Bien and the coordination of the functional departments organized fins. Catch, find this object. After more than 23 hours, intelligence officers arrested Lo Van Beien.

At the time of his arrest, this facility was hidden in the village of Que and Quai To.

In the process of hiding, Lo Van Beien has eaten the leaf from suicide. However, due to the timely detection and emergency treatment at the Tuan Giao and Bien Hoa Medical Centers, death fled.

After returning to consciousness, by the evening of April 25, Bienne admitted all acts of murder. Currently, the CSDT police department in Dien Bien Province fills in the case files, acting in accordance with the law.

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