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A message came, Miss Kneeling, kneeling in deep black to get forgiveness?

The audience is happy when Han Hau (Thuy Ngan) can lose all losses in sticky rice.

Rice Sticky Rice Episode 80: Hon cursing your brother is praying for not paying back the debt to help her. (Source: HTV2)

Rice Rice Sticky Rice is the most popular Vietnamese family movie, but it also has the most hated and hated figure. Hanh Hoa Hau (Thuy Ngan) was hated by the audience whose bitter hatred he had to recover for his inappropriate behavior.

Recently, the audience is more bleak than when Han may have to kneel to get bruises to get forgiveness in the picture behind the scenes of actress Thuy Ngan.

gao nep gao te: by den, flower han invites please please? - 1

Picture of bruised knees after Thuy Ngana's day.

Thuy Ngan has published the status line: "Did anyone know in which day did you shoot this scene?" with the image of black knees. Many viewers think that after the mistakes Han must kneel down to ask his family, especially Hai-Huong (Le Phuong) to forgive. Others will think she has been beaten so badly.

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Regardless of whether it is beaten or kneeling, it is the result of insolent, carefree and covetous reporters. There is a husband who loves her with all his heart and skillfully, just because her husband longs for a carriage that opens openly. Laughing, rich favors, he pushed Han into the hands of a deceitful man.

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As a result, he had to carry his debts, not his lover. But when she was in prison, she still did not regret and scolded her father. Watching these episodes, viewers saw Han as a blind woman, without self-esteem, without medicine.

Initially, the audience thought that Kiet (Trung Dung) still loves her and loves the child, and then give her wife a chance to improve. However, Kiet learns that Phuc – a gentle, old gentleman who always cares for him, has been raising his children alone for many years. When Phuc left, he called and announced that he would throw everything away to get to his mother.

gao nep gao te: by den, flower han invites please please? - 4

Losing love, losing a husband, losing a family is certainly the right result for Han. Perhaps she realized that she had made a mistake, kneeling for forgiveness, just as the picture had been shared by Thuy Ngan. However, things can never come back like before. What will stay after Hanky?

Rice Rice Sticky Rice Episode 85 will be continued in 20h on HTV2 and 21h on Entertainment TV at night, from Monday to November 19. In addition, the film was also played on HTV2 at 11h45 from Monday to Wednesday.

The tragic end to rice Rice Rhizome: Wall disease, incurable pain Huong is suffering?

Behind the scene from the last episode, Rice Gao Te reveals Huong (Le Phuong), crying swollen eyes, when the audience is worried about a sad ending for her.

According to Hoang Linh (Discovery)

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