Sunday , July 25 2021

A car crashed into the separator, causing 2 deaths in Bin Fuok | News

In the afternoon at 6.12 am, a serious traffic accident occurred on Ho Xuan Huong Street, the part that passes by KP. Pu Tinh, Tan Fu Ward, Dong Koai City, Bin Fuok 2 young men riding a motorcycle, carrying each other, suddenly collided with the midline between the road, causing the two deaths on the spot.

According to initial information, on the same day around 17:00, two young boys, about 25 years old, were riding each other on a motorcycle number 93P2 – 523.41 were circulating on Ho Xuan Huong Street, starting from Dong Koai to the city of Ho Shi Min. When it came to the part of Pu Tin, Tan Fu department, two young men could not master the steering wheel, due to which the engine crashed in the middle lane of the road.

Driving a car and hitting the separator caused two people in Bin Fuk to die on the spot - photo 1

Dong Koai city authorities went to the scene to deal with the accident

The motorcycle hit the middle lane and continued to slide forward, about 30 meters from the point of impact. 2 young people were thrown at the divider, dead on the spot. The motorcycle was also damaged by the accident.

The cause of the accident that caused the death of two young boys on the spot is being investigated and clarified by the traffic police and the city authorities of Dong Koai.

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