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90 prisoners in the city of Ho Chi Minh were sentenced to 30-4 prison holidays

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 21:00 (GMT + 7)

90 prisoners were reduced to a prison sentence to commemorate the Liberation Day of the South, unifying the country 30-4.

The main judge in Ho Chi Minh City, Un Thi Huang Hoon, has just signed a decision to curtail sentences for 90 prisoners serving prison sentences in the city of Ho Chi Minh on the occasion of People's Liberation Day, the reunification of the country 30-4.

90 prisoners in Ho Chi Minh City were sentenced to prison for resting 30-4 - 1

Prisoner in Qi Hoa at a ceremony to announce his release before the deadline (photo by Ho Chi Minh police)

Prisoners Reduced on Reforms in Chi Hoa, Bo La and Provisional Detention Houses The Office of Execution of Criminal Conviction in Ho Chi Minh County Police District, T17 Prison Camp and the B34 HCM City Detention Center.

According to the Ho Chi Minh People's Court, this reduction is considered by the above units, according to the joint circular of the Ministry of Public Security, National Defense, the Supreme VCSDD and the Supreme TAND, in accordance with the law.

"Reducing sentences and imprisonment ahead of time show the policy of appealing to the party and the state, creating conditions for early prisoners to unite with their families, to reintegrate into the community and become useful people for the commune." decision.

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