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3 astswares whatever the month of the soul however great, the money is gone – Young People

Thursday, August 1, 201 00:00 (GMT + 7)

These are 3 astsveres regardless of blackness, the month of the soul is still earning, the leaves are full of houses.

3 armor regardless of the month of the soul still great, the money was on display - 1

Age of the dragon works without problems, the process is very happy (artwork)

1. Age of Slim

Entering the lunar month of July (the month of the soul), the age of Thin Forest in Tam Hoop Thai has to work smoothly, the process is very lucky.

Unlike many other armies that are badly fortunate during the spirit month, the Dragons are still earning money in the seventh lunar month. Wealth is booming at the moment, this armor whether you work as a paid worker or do business has the opportunity to make money. But this is also the month when this armor easily consumes too much, earns money but still costs more than income. To keep the money in your pocket, Thin Age needs to rethink its spending plan, focusing on projects that are sustainable, beyond gambling.

Looking at the happiness of love, love stories show signs of sublimation, conflicts between couples are resolved, religion is quite calm. There are strange health signs that seem to be strange and should be investigated early for timely treatment. Be careful in July the soul may encounter health accidents such as falls, unexpected accidents …

Not only is it financially advancing, the emotional process of Tin children has also made many positive changes. The relationship of fate with people as a whole has improved. This will be a promising time for singles who will have significant moments with the enemy. For someone who has a couple, your feelings will take new steps.

2. Age

The month of the soul is a time of great publicity with the people of the time of the wolves. A prosperous wealth program, fate has the opportunity to thrive in a short time. Take every opportunity to express your abilities.

If you intend to start a business or expand your investment or business, your fate may be considered fulfilling at this time. However, if it is a big project, wait for the opportunity to mature.

According to the horoscope, the month of the ox is inevitable, but helpers will be present, pointing out the fate of the course, how to overcome it. Train Age, who has a keen interest in capturing and concentrating on other people's opinions, is also worthy of this famous, valuable armor.

This month's rejection point with a buffalo uncle is not a romantic affair. The opportunity for single people to fulfill their other half is quite difficult. This child needs to take the time to engage in collective activities, meet and interact with more people to create more relationships.

3. It smells

Transportation is not that great, but on the whole, Lunar July is also a happy month for the people of Mui. Over the past 2 years, Muie's age has faced many difficulties, but the hard work of the armor will be rewarded.

From the second half of the year of the pig in 2019, this armor movement will have many positive changes. Fate will restore what has been lost in the past and also earn the rewards. The negative July to the end of November will be a golden period for the people of Mui to shine a light.

Long-term destiny projects will bear fruit during this time. Keep trying as you worked all the time, the goats won't regret what you tried.

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