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Zamora reduced a series of 17 consecutive defeats in Copa Libertadores

April 25, 2019 07:15
Updated on April 25, 2019 19:57

Venezuelan Zamora stopped Paraguay's Serrano Portejo in Group E from Copa Libertadores in 2019 to win 2: 1 and crush the long chain of 17 consecutive defeats at the continental meeting.

Uruguayan Jorge Ignacio Gonzalez scored the first black and white goal at the La Carolina stadium in Barinas, turning a penalty in 45 minutes. 1. Pedro Ramirez increased the gap 51th minute from his left leg. Salustiano Candia was sent out when he executed the maximum sentence Gonzalez led, with his hand with his hand dismissed an empty goal by Ramirez.

Nelson Haddo Valdes, 58, scored a Cyclone amp boost, who was previously qualified in the 16th race after winning the first four appearances.

Despite the failure, Serrano Poréneo remains in charge of Group E, along with Nacional de Uruguay, with 12 points and guaranteed places in the next stage; while Zamora and Brazilian Atletico Minero add three points per head.

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