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Xiaomi starts selling its international Smart TVs, and they have the DVB-T2

Xiaomi international TVs are already sold in China

Until now, Xiaomi TVs were on sale China and India. The latter uses the DVB-T standard for DTT shows, so the television purchased there can work perfectly in Spain. Xiaomi has also redesigned its Smart TV, as the MIUI-based one is too Chinese-oriented and has introduced Android TV into models outside its home country. That Android TVHowever, it was necessary to reach agreements with different manufacturers to include their applications, and the one with whom they were contracting was still Netflix.

Arriving at Netflix The application form will be produced at any time through software, but for now we are already learning more about Xiaomi TVs. The popular Chinese store has released two international models of Xiaomi TVs at very attractive prices, as Xiaomi has launched international models in the country. Unfortunately Netflix is ​​still unavailable on Xiaomi televisions neither in China nor in India.

In addition, the compatibility of these televisions with DVB-T2. Until now there was no information on the data sheets of the TVs sold in India, although since they were working in the country, it was logical to think that they used at least DVB-T. Still, he doubted whether they would be DVB-T2 compatible, which is likely to be the DTT standard to be used in Spain by 2023.

Now, the tabs on these two televisions seem to both use a DVB-T2 decoder. The two models available are Xiaomi Mi TV 55 and 32 inches, costing the first 493 euros, and only a second 212 euros.

The shops in Spain are ready to turn on their televisions

The 55-inch Mi TV has everything you need, with resolution 4K, 60 Hz, HDR, Bluetooth speakers, 2 × 10 watts, Google Assistant, Bluetooth Voice Controller, etc. At the software level, it is confirmed that you have YouTube, Google Assistant, and Google Play, but nothing has been confirmed about which paid streaming apps you have, which is one of the keys to determining whether it's worth it or not.

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The model of 32 inches has a resolution of 768p, less RAM and less powerful speakers than 2 x 5 watts. The other benefits remain the same. The Xiaomi also has a 43-inch 4K resolution, but the price hasn't gone up.

Therefore, Xiaomi has almost everything ready to bring its TVs to Spain. Physical stores even have a loophole to access wall-mounted TVs, and the applications they include besides their Reddy TV up to 70 inches remain to be seen. Looking at the prices, they will have a hard time competing with manufacturers like Samsung, which has all the applications on the major streaming platforms.

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