Wednesday , April 21 2021

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Twitter users are sure that one of Stark will die, however, they are not sure who will do it. It can be Tonyon the one hand, or perhaps Aria, Bran or Sansa. The dress is open and everyone has their own "favorite" and their theory.

Yes, we already know that you do not want read spoilers, so do not worry, because in this article we will not make any progress. But anyone who watched the movies on Avengers and on Game of Thrones, knows that, inevitably, death comes to these characters before they lock the two stories, since both audiovisual products are closing cycles.

Therefore, many fans have prepared their own list of candidates that could be transferred to the "other party". Do you feel like playing?

Good luck

They are 4

Another row


Let's pray


Other users have challenged this challenge:

The King of the Night and Thanos come together

We want a crossover

We are not ready

No one dies

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