Sunday , April 18 2021

Venezuela failed on the test in front of Mexico | Football

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The Venezuelan football team fell into their penultimate warm-up game before American Cup, and before Mexico, with a final result of 3-1.

The outer staff was in debt to what he showed in the previous similar duels, as it is Ecuador and Argentina.

Krilos began to win the game thanks to the ultimate goal John Murillo, who received him in the right side of the field and intertwined with a wonderful long distance sword 40 meters which was embedded in the second half of the Aztec bow.

The party presented Vinotino as it will be noted in American Cup, with the traditional ones 4-3-3.

Under that tactical argument as the team waited and tried to do damage with the speed of Murillo and Darwin Makis, although they did not have room for imbalance.

Mexico was the one who controls the ball and exploits a lot on the wing side. Only from one center side of the ball ball went into the little Creole area, it was not evacuated in time and Alvarado seamed the left hand to smooth the slate.

The home team almost does not balance the game ends the first time. It was a shake off the corner Yangel Herrera He picked up and cast testazo on the left drain on the arc that defended him Jonathan Orozko.

In the whole first half Salomon Rondón he did not have a single clear goal.
Final phase. Mexicans followed their same tone and retained Vinotino's approach on both sides. On 2-1 arrived immediately after the final phase, with the center of the N-th and Jordan Osorio to be passive in the brand and to allow Roberto Pizarro to beat him at a speed to calm himself and score a goal.

After that, Farinez put his hero's robe and covered a double action after free-throw.
Weinzuela had two clear options with footage from Añor from the hands of the goalkeeper.

Mexico seized the gaps left by Venezuela and caused great danger in the final part of the match.

Andres Guardo put 3-1 with a powerful shot down a low center from the side that came unmarked.

Venezuela will debut 15 this month against Peru in Copa America.

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