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Venezuela alcanzó 90% of cobertura in malaria prevention

Magda Magris, coordinator of the Unidad de Malaria del Salud, informs that about 90% of the cobblestones in Malaria are prevented. The information available on participating in the Salud Soberana program is transmitted by Radio Nacional de Venezuela and by the popular Poder ministro of Salud, Carlos Alvarado.

This is an Alvarado, which traverses the Plan Nationale des Alcánzado with a meta of 1,770,978 years or more between 4 and 12 years of age, which represents a significant 56.5% of the curbside escalation.

Destroyed by the National Plan of Enfermedades Transmitidas Prevention by Vectores and Agua "hemos visitado 9,269 escuelos protegiendo a má 1,725 ​​mil nos, nos en adolescentes".

Salud's headline included a review of the findings by President Nicolás Maduro, which carried out a colocalization of all implants with Discapacid audits, totally free of charge Lara, to be audited for patients undergoing primera phase 20 beneficiaremos of 20 patients undergoing audiovisual audiovisual ed recursion, with 2 to 4 years of experience but no interventions to allow audiovisual recuperation ”. Reseñó VTV.

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