Friday , June 18 2021

Unusual friendship: between Aria Stark and Kersi Lannister


Besides the obsession that the character of Aria Stark with the idea of ​​murder – in the most bloody possible way, surely – the current monarch of the Seven kingdoms of Vesteros, merciless Cersei Lannister, the truth is that the relationship that unites the actors who give life to such enemies, Maisie Williams and Lena Heday, can not be different in the right plane.

"We have been friends for many years and along with many changes we have passed," explains the 21-year-old in a conversation with Glamor magazine. "When we met, I was 12 years old and she had no children, now she has two and I feel that we are both witnesses of many things in our life," she added with satisfaction.

Another reason why Macy, who recently blew up all the alarms between Arya fans when she pleaded with an annoying and violent outcome about her character, feels particularly happy that Lena resides in her "adult therapy" and does not deserves what he directed in the early years of popular television fiction.

"Knowing someone for almost a decade is amazing, it's like I've always been part of my life, and what I like the most about it is that she always respected me and treated me as an adult," he added an interview to reveal, then, the content of the content that shares the members of the film in their "secret group" of WhatsApp.

"We have a secret group for"Game of Thrones& # 39;, but we really use it just to put funny pictures on all of us, especially from the first seasons. We have a rule that we will not publish anything from Instagram, but in my case I will definitely break the rule one day, "he joked.

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