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Unexpected signing! Zidane didn't want that, but now he wants it back

January's signature sale is approaching and teams are already making moves. Madrid ensure that the team will not sign anyone. Good work on Cede Valverde in the middle of the field, he dropped the idea that they have a midfield signing, or two, for this market. Now they do not want to reduce the Uruguayan's projection.

However, many people still think so only 4 players in a team that usually plays with 3 half centers, it seems short, very short, with no more half centers. Maybe the problem is that the profile of the players playing, Eriksen, Van de Beek, they are not what Madrid needs: a replacement for Casemiro

The Brazilian was playing it all. The other day finally Zidane He could rest in the second half when the game was already over. It turns out Luka Modric in place and Cede Valverde postponed its position. The Little Bird looks less there, but it had great minutes.

In terms of departures is where Madrid has more problems. On the safe way out Mariano, pointing to Saudi Arabia, it remains to be seen whether there are more. Vinisius No minutes and may require a task, Brahim is also on the exit ramp. It seems that Isco remains, for the time being. In the summer, Malaga has all the ballots to leave Real Madrid.

Who seems to have returned unexpectedly ahead of time is Marco Assencio. The Majorcan was marked in red by Zidane and the sporting direction this summer. He was expected a lot last year, but he did not give up and also had statements that did not want the high levels of the directive.

This summer he was looking for a way out, but a serious injury to his left leg stopped everything. It was 100 days after his injury and we saw him running in Valdebas. Your goal is to reach the European Championships this summer. Zidane He has seen him train every day and is convinced that Asencio 2 years ago will be back in February.

Most unexpected signing. It would be another story to overcome in Real Madrid. Another fairy tale. Asencio wants it. Real Madrid is waiting for you.

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