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Unable to find a recuperative treatment for quimi therapy

A group of United States scientists have created a single form of ludicrous los patients oncológicos a recuperarse tras la exposición a quimiotherapy. Fue exitosa en roedores y esperan trasladar los resultados a humanos.

Los investigadores de la Universidad de California, in the United States, provides information on how to regenerate major cellulases by exposure to chemotherapy and radiation.

Para el desarrollo del estudio, publicado en Nature Communications, the equipo synthesized más de 100 medicamentos posibles before interfering with a recycled protein recycling process. Before the demarcation of the toddlers in the wind more efficiently, probes numerosas variations. This is a mod, intended only to denote "DJ009" as "the most effective and efficient", but to reduce the amount of material lost in recuperators in the laboratory.

These are cellulases, which posteriorly fuse transplants into rats inmunodeficientes, fuses corrective captions and functional corrections, such as "relieve ponies that are malfunctioning in human beings by reducing the number of infections and lesions", destroys the trabajo.

Casi todos los roedores que recibieron altas dosis de radiación y a los que se les aplicó el tratamiento consiguieron sobrevivir. But in part, they have been able to exterminate the wall in a single layer.

Las conclusiones

The chemotherapy and radiation generally suppress the activity of the las células madre present in la sangre y, but lo general, su regeneración puede tardar semanas o incluso meses. Investigators speculate that the proximity of this application is likely to occur in human clinical settings. "We continue exploring the mechanisms that promote the regeneration of the great sanguine," insists Porter.

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