Saturday , June 12 2021

Two GNB sergeants were arrested for murdering Detective Cicpc

Image courtesy: El Carabobeño

On this Sunday, two sergeants from the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) were arrested for allegedly participating in the death shooting of detective Cicpac Magnelvis Rafael Roldan Rodríguez in the Center for Settlement in Oriente. El Dorado, located in the state of Bolívar.

Venezuela Daily Review

The incident occurred when a 29-year-old clerk was in a truck when he was detained by committees of PEB and GNB, and they began firing. At the same time, inspector Tony Ricardo Spain Guzman was injured.

Both officials were joined to the sub-delegation of Tumeremo. As a result of the incidents, Cicpc initiated inquiries, clarified the case and arrested the guilty.

A FANB soldier murdered for stealing a pair of shoes

Giving and arresting National Guard sergeants assigned to Detacment 624, identified as Cruz Antonio García Díaz and Eulices Andrés Caballero Hernández.

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