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Traki, "Walmart" Venezuela, already accepts cryptocurrencies – CRIPTO TENDENCIA

Traki, a large retail store similar to Walmart, according to Reddit, began to accept cryptocurrencies.

The situation in Venezuela is known as hyperinflation, which is equal to accelerated and mass printing or government spending by government, trying to "create wealth out of nothing." The companies and their clients resulting from this situation are looking for ways of coexistence in such a sick economy.

According to the Reddit user published by ImVito, on the video account, he could buy 884 school supplies and clothes for only $ 260 in BTC. Apparently, the money was donated by the Reddit community, and all items will go to needy children in the country as a charity.

Similarly, in the published video, you can read "Real Adoption and Real Help" because the user also made the purchase transaction available. In addition to Bitcoin, these department stores also accept Dash, Ethereum, Litecion (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

According to the report from Bitcoinist and an article previously published in CryptoTendencia, in which Bitcoin share increased and it is estimated that 1075 BTC was negotiated within 7 days to 3 November, surpassing all previous high. The previous example is one that describes why cryptocurrencies appear as the preferred payment methods in this country.

At the same time, the government is determined to force citizens to interact with their new domestic cryptocurrency petro, despite the highly suspect stability of the latter, and of course the distrust that society has towards their government.

It seems that the introduction of mandatory payments Petro has created a method of enforcing prices, fees for the passport application exploded in the Bolivares category, when Caracas only took Petro last month. What can be literally said that neither the government accepts nor wants its own bolivar.

Of course, international pressure also intensified, recalling that the United States has announced sanctions on the export of gold from Venezuela. And remember that for further deterioration, the Bank of England blocked the repatriation of 14 tonnes of gold from Venezuela; which are valued at 550 million dollars and belong to the international reserves of the Caribbean, with the argument that President Nicolás Maduro "can sell it for his own benefit."

This news is some of the many that arise in Venezuela due to the growing crypto-mania, which is, as it shows, the Venezuelan information medium Impulse, which published an article entitled "Sell your car in Bitcoin. Save your money from inflation!", Which reveals the damage caused by inflation and the solution represented by Bitcoin, thanks to which Venezuelans can protect their money.

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