Sunday , April 11 2021

Tottenham put a price on Eriksen (and Florentino Perez hallucinations)

Tottenham continue to fight to try to restore Christian Eriksen's contract to end in 2020, and still does not reach a stretching agreement. The possibilities, to this day, are zeros.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid, on behalf of Florentino Perez, hides the Danish international, for which it offers 80m euros. The player, however, wants to leave White Hart Lane and join the Zinedine Zidane project.

Mauricio Pochtino patiently waits for the season to end and play with two tricks. First, try to convince the former Ajax if they win the Champions League. The title of such a caliber will give great credit to the coach of Argentina.

Secondly, he is waiting for Real to go for Pogba, a priority goal for Zizuu, which will leave Eriksen without a gap as an undisputed starter. And Christian will not go to Santiago Bernabeu to be a substitute.

But as long as this does not happen, if all of this finally happens, Daniel Levy, the owner of the incentive team, is committed to rejecting any suggestions that rain for a playmaker of 27 years.

To distance hunters, he is charging 150 million euros, slightly less than the 180 that he asked. Excessively high amount given that next year may be free.

However, Florentino Perez is not afraid. You know everyone. He knows that it is a strategy to make his output more expensive and that the suitors are withdrawing from the offer so that there are no obstacles in their recovery. In the summer you will surely agree to negotiate and believe to take Eriksen at a much more affordable price.

Subject of monitoring.

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