Monday , June 14 2021

Thus, the Venezuelan pederist kidnapped the youngest of 13 years through a video game

She was a girl who wanted to be at home. "I was only with his family, because I have five brothers, it's very much matched with his cousins"Said El Mundo Maya, the mother of the child, allegedly kidnapped and raped by a man arrested in Retiro by the National Police.

So, the only way that a pedophile was to fall into the life of this 13-year-old is the virtual world. "It is reserved or open to the situation", defines the progenitor. A fan of video games, the youngest used to play often titles like Fortnite or Grand Theft Auto (GTA). In the conversation of the latter, according to his mother, is where a detainee, a 39-year-old citizen of Venezuela, captured his alleged victim.

Rockstar Games's video game has high violent content and is cataloged over 18 years. It has, in its online mode, a virtual mobile phone that manages the protagonist by which the user can get in touch with anyone in the room. It is a virtual space, in which they can are matched to a maximum of 30 players, where you can send text messages or establish connections through a voice call.

For months, the detainee He surrendered as a 17-year-old boy thanks to the video game allows you to connect with a game name or nickname and register with an email account created for this purpose. So he contacted this young woman who "It is not used to abandon", as explained in detail by his mother, and began to get his friendship. Pure virtual friendship at the time.

Once the two players are friends, they can maintain contact, even if they do not play. The latest generation consoles let you send text messages and pictures and create voice chat rooms in which people can be invited to participate and others invited by their friends.

Messaging was continuous and He started moving from friendship to something more, because in the conversation the mother came to find conversations and pictures of high sexual content according to the police. However, Maite confirmed El Mundo that the alleged pedophile "I asked the child to wipe out what he was talking about". "You could see that he was smart," he said of his daughter's alleged rapist.

It was until the last moment. Last Saturday, the man, who finally admitted to the girl his real age, asked him to stay. When he arrived by car in his home, in the area of ​​Vallecas, asked him to come down with some clothes, points that have been fulfilled by young people. She left the house leaving a note to her mother saying she was going to a friend's birthday party. 2 At that time I am already suspected because she is not out, "admits the mother.

The mother began to call her daughter's figures I have been saved as classmates. A parent told him that there were no planned birthdays, while when he called the mobile phone to another alleged companion, one man took it. "I am not Amanda's father, my name is Jose, I think he is confused." The mother did not know that he talked with his daughter's hijacker but something intuitive, so he told the police and, thanks to the location of the phone, he could find the child and stop the suspect.

Given the dangers of minors who contact unknown adults through this technology, experts warn: "Adolescence is the most vulnerable phase in which risks are not seen. In those centuries, it's easy to fool them"Said Celso Arango, head of the Psychiatric Hospital at the hospital, Gregorio Maranjón.

According to him, the Network includes "enormous dangers" and adolescents "must learn to protect themselves" because "Candies now come from waves, but just like poisoned". The solution for this psychiatrist, which parents insist that their children do not have to stay or talk to someone who does not know personally and that primary school children learn the dangers surrounding new technologies.

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