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"This situation has no refund or can not be changed"

November 11 2018 19:17
Updated November 11, 2018 at 19:26

Rafael Ramírez, former president of PDVSA, said on Sunday that Nicolás Maduro must leave the government to include the government junta in Venezuela in order to stop the crisis in the country.

"This situation has no return nor can it be changed." Maduro must leave the government, set up a new Patriotic Government Board to give a "stop" to this catastrophe, this fall of the whole country, and then we can begin to rebuild the country. ", Confirmed Ramírez in an article published in Aporrei.

Hugo Chávez's righteous man also commented that government officials had become wealthy bureaucrats who agreed with the Venezuelan "bourgeoisie" to remain in power.

"They've gone from popular leaders to bureaucrats, rich people who have made a new deal with the Venezuelan bourgeoisie to stay in power on this new platform," he said.

Thanks to information from Aporrea

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