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This is the horoscope for Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Carlos Pineda

ARIES 21/03 and 19/04

This will be a wonderful day for health, a very good day arrives in which you just want to be good to yourself. MESSAGE: Staying healthy is common sense.

BIK 20/4 to 20.05

Bee be a very full day in terms of your figure. There will be no shortage of outside care with a bath or a pleasant therapy session: MESSAGE: Keep a confidential conversation with a friend or family member

GEMINI from 21.05 to 21.06

Show your most supportive person today and you will be interested in the problems of the collaborator. Put all your imagination into the relationship with your partner. MESSAGE: In love, creativity bears fruit.

CANCER 06/22 to 23.07

Happy and peaceful day at work. Do not forget a few small tasks. Today you will be motivated to stay in shape. MESSAGE: Enjoy the pleasure of exercising outdoors

LEO 23/07 to 22.08

Great opportunity to get closer to your partner after a few difficult days. He will show his most negotiable face in hard work among you. MESSAGE: In love pride must be put aside.

VIRGO 23/08 and 23/09

Day to live intensely, familiar situations from the past return, communicate with humility and resolve. It is time to reap what is sown. MESSAGE: Many analyzes bring paralysis in acting.

LIBRA 24.09 to 23/10

Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. Hyperactivity disorder can lead to fatigue, fatigue or even more serious illnesses. Take care. MESSAGE: The relationship with your current partner is a challenge.

ESCORPION 24/10 and 22/11

It is time to pay attention to the lost friendship and problems between the family, to look for order and for everything to find its solution MESSAGE. Leaving room for others to act will allow you to get to know them.

SAGITTARIUS 23/11 to 21/12

He will show his most practical meaning in his love affair, because in order to achieve his goals he will resort to beautiful gifts. MESSAGE: It is time to understand that others have their own space.

CAPRICORN 12/22 to 01/19

Today you will have great joy to live and it will return to your physical condition. Today her charisma will shine brightly at a social gathering. MESSAGE: be a fun day with friends and relatives

AQUARIUS 01/20 to 02/18

Do not neglect exercise routines. Staying on your weight is tricky, but not impossible, remember. Being beautiful gives you a really good atmosphere. MESSAGE: Get more involved with your loved ones

PISCES 19/2/20 to 03/20

Moderation and common sense when approaching the table. Do not rush to make a decision on a health issue: MESSAGE: Do not miss opportunities, profit cycle and achievements.

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