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This iPhone series is available for $ 400 in 2020

Hace algunas semanas, diversos Rumor has it that the iPhone SE is already available, a gaming smartphone that is part of the family's new generation of handsets and destined to become an idiosyncratic del iPhone 5s with the characteristics of los iPhone 6s.

Ahora, todo parece indicar que el nuevo iPhone SE this is my cerca de llegar. De hecho, es muy probable que ya sepamos cuánto costaría y depending on the características.

De acuerdo con Ming-Chi Kuo, analysts that go into credibilidad cuando se habla de filtraciones o rumores, mencionó que Apple lanzaría muy pronto la nueva version de iPhone SE but a precio de 400 dollars.

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Features of the new iPhone SE 2

Ahora fall, según los rumores y reportses, este nuevo iPhone SE continua con la misma formulas who lo hizo tan exitoso y who lo convirtió in uno de los más vendidos por Apple.

But ello, el iPhone SE 2 is available for download on iPhone 8 available versions: 64 GB and 128 GB of internal storage.

As a matter of fact, if you really have an attractive disposable device, this is the heck of a contender with a processor A13, mismo que ya incluyen los nuevos iPhone 11 y iPhone 11 Pro que Apple lanzó is año, pero con 1 GB menus de RAM.

More than just the features of the new iPhone SE 2 radar that doesn't contend with 3D Touch, but that doesn't quite fit into the biometrics identification system.

At the moment, the analyst says, this smartphone is unlike the iPhone SE 2, which has a number of features and features, but no hint at the moment.

Ming-Chi Kuo consider disposing of this product between 2 and 4 millones but in the mean, there are 30 million millennials in 2020.

Quizá el nuevo modelo de iPhone SE Ideal for most users with iPhone 6 or 6 Plus or not currently available for purchase. iOS 13.

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